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Founded 06/16/18

Slogans in a misandrist society
Slogans in a misandrist society:
“Work harder” – “Earn more money” – “Buy more things” – “Keep going” – “A girlfriend is just around the corner!”

This site focuses on incels and the manosphere in general from the people who originally created and wrote incels dot wiki.

Inceldom, aka involuntary celibacy, is a common life circumstance.

An incel is anyone who is celibate against choice or will, for at least six months, regardless if they self-identify. The first lexicographer to define “incel”, defined it as a gender-neutral life cirumstance rather than a subculture. Its unabbreviated form was coined in 1739 by Antoine Banier in his book on ancient Greek mythology. Inceldom was recognized, in academia, as a life circumstance, first in the Donnelly Study

Incel and femcel hearts
Incel is not a subculture, movement, group, identity, community, or a philosophy. Individual philosophies like the blackpill or subcultures like 4chan culture emerge on some, but not all, forums dedicated to involuntary celibates and go in and out of fashion. IncelWiki does not advocate or condone violence, violent crimes, or any crimes in general. Incel is also not a “scientific practice”. Sometimes on this wiki, personal assumptions (e.g. about the reasons why one is incel) are formulated as if they came from scientific research (which is not the case).

The most popular incel forum as of 2020 is IncelsWithoutHate.

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Ivey Passion

Ivey Passion is a dutch pornstar who has worked to reinstate the 25 year Netherland Government's Model for Combatting Inceldom policy in the Netherlands after it was scrapped in 2017. The policy while enacted had effectively made sex a human right in the Netherlands by having the Netherland government reimburse the disabled's access to legal hookers in an explicit way.

Some Women Think You Should be Entitled to Sex - God Bless Them
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