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-max (also -maxx or -maxxing) is a suffix used in the incelosphere to denote an effort to improve an aspect of one’s life in order to secure sexual and/or romantic intimacy. “Maximize” it.


Maxing out one’s own appearance. See lookism.
to improve one’s status.
to improve one’s financial status.
a subset of looksmaxxing, wherein beta males and incels (in this case called gymcels) attempt to hit up the gym to achieve a better physique, to "feel better about themselves" and to become more attractive to women, hoping to ascend.
the act of appearing aggressive and dominant to attract woman.
Many members of the black incelosphere claim that being brutish is the primary way to achieve mating success with women of African American heritage.
the act of appearing more like a white-skinned person to appeal to Western beauty standards.

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