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Logo - AB-Treff.jpg
Type: forum
Author: N.N.
URL: abtreff.de

Abtreff (from AB, “Absolute Beginners” and the German Treff, “gathering”) is a sub-group of the Absolute Beginners community. It was described by the German national weekly newspaper Die Zeit as the only known German incel website.[1] It was founded on the 24th of February 2007.

It’s domain as of 2018 is abtreff.de


  1. Konstantin Nowotny (July 20, 2018) Incel-Bewegung: Diese Netzcommunity findet, dass Frauen eine Bedrohung sind (Incel movement: This net community thinks that women are a threat), ze.tt (Die Zeit)
    Teaser: “Die Incel-Bewegung treibt ein mörderischer Hass auf Frauen an. Wieso führt Sexlosigkeit bei manchen Männern zum Hass? Und wo steht die Szene in Deutschland?”
    English: “The Incel movement is driven by a murderous hatred of women. Why does sexlessness lead to hatred in some men? And where is the scene in Germany?”

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