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Aesthetics is the study of beauty.

A thorough understanding of human aesthetics will have these beneficial effects:

  • A better understanding of female behavior. For example, it would help us answer these questions:
    • Do women lie about not caring about looks?
      • Answer: If you correctly rate the physical attractiveness of the men a woman has sex with, it becomes obvious that looks play a large factor.
    • Is she settling down with him or is it just a casual fling?
      • Answer: The more physically attractive the male is compared to the female, the more likely that it's a fling.
    • Why do women treat obnoxious brutes so generously, while taking a nice guy's kindness for weakness?
      • Answer: The halo effect causes women to interpret the behavior from obnoxious brutes to be "sincere kindness" and to interpret the same behavior from "nice guys" to be "manipulative". For example, when a good-looking, popular jock is being romantic with a female (holding her hand; buying her drinks), he would be viewed as "nice" (as in genuinely caring about her). After all, he could get any females he wishes. He doesn't need to be romantic to get a female. The woman would conclude that his "romance" is the result of his genuine kindness. But when an ugly nerd is being romantic with a female, he would be viewed as "manipulative" (he's just faking an act to impress her; he's being romantic to compensate for his ugliness; he's worried about losing her; not because he genuinely cares about her).
  • A better understanding of why evolution made us pick up some traits as attractive

Applications of aesthetics


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