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An alpha-beta-omega chart with intermediaries. The alpha is also usually confident because of his good looks ot wealth.

The terms alpha, beta, and omega refer to animals of different formal, informal, or paper rank in a social hierarchy. Alphas are at the top of a hierarchy and omegas are at the bottom. For the purposes of this wiki, we will focus mainly on the sexual hierarchy (which takes other hierarchies into account). The most sexually successful are at the top and the least sexually successful are at the bottom. Other letters of the Greek alphabet are also used to represent rank, e.g. gamma as an intermediate between beta and omega. For simplicity, one often refers to animals who are the "worker bees" of the sexual hierarchy as, "betas". The majority of men are beta males. 'Alpha' does not mean inherently, or even morally 'superior', it just means at the top of the sexual hierarchy, which may be corrupt or overly stratified.

This particular lingo is often used by redpillers and PUAs, especially to describe confidence in men's behavior. Incels rather use it to describe people in hierarchies of looks, money, and status. Redpiller and bluepillers tend to recommend "being more confident" as "one weird trick" to get dating success, but blackpillers regard faking confidence as a fleeting solution at best, which is exhausting especially for introverted men, autists, particularly ugly men and other omega males, without real status or significance on which they could base their confidence on, also fearing bullying for appearing overconfident or awkward.

Alpha males[edit]

Do not take advice from this wagecuck about how humans work

An alpha male colloquially mostly refers to a sexually successful male with high peer popularity. At times, like this wiki, in personality studies academia, it means a human male who is able to obtain desired women.[1]

Different uses of the word "alpha" in academia with regards to humans[edit]

In behavioural development academia and the liberal media, the notion of a human alpha male has been recently challenged.[2][3] However, there is nothing pseudo-scientific or conspiratorial about the fact that men differ in their social and material success, giving them a label, and pointing their privilege. Although mainly used to describe chimpanzees (among a wide variety of other animals), contrary to Adam Conover (see image), the term "alpha" is indeed used sporadically in academia to genuinely describe humans in an overarching context, not just non-human animals. [4] [5] [6] [7] [8][9][10][11][12] Sometimes academics will only use alpha in humans to describe formally ascribed ranks such as "kings".[13] While others use alpha to mean a set of nebulous traits colloquially associated with male sexual success, such as masculinity and extroversion [14]. While other academics focus on alpha as a sexually successful human[15], like this page does.

Ambitious and assertive men tend to use dominance and intimidation to become an alpha male (obtaining desirable women).[16][17]

It is possible under certain circumstances that alpha males (as defined by social status) are not Chads, for example, Adolf Hitler was undeniably an alpha male, given all the sex he had after power.

Traits colloquially associated with alpha males[edit]

These traits colloquially describe qualities that alpha males possess. A man can still be an alpha male without having all of these traits. Some alpha males have mostly positive traits, while others have mostly negative traits.

Positive traits

  • Charming
  • Good-looking
  • Powerful
  • Respected
  • Monied
  • Outgoing
  • Sociable

Negative traits

  • Sleazy
  • Aggressive
  • Manipulative
  • Abusive
  • Intolerant
  • Bullying


  • Fortune 500 CEO who marries a model
  • Rockstar with groupies
  • Almost any popular athlete
  • Pretty boy who knows how to wrap women around his finger
  • Poor guy with good looks who effectively has women be his provider

Beta males[edit]

Main article: Beta male

Beta males are moderately sexually successful and typically followers; they are usually subservient to alphas. Traditionally, they usually exchange loyalty to alphas in exchange for alphas not hoarding all the females. However, modern day betas tend to not (vocally) care much about getting laid nor who is ruling them. Beta is a near synonym for "normie" or, "average male". They generally have to work to bribe women with resource/job security, unlike alphas.

Omega males[edit]

Main article: Omega male

Males who are totally unsuccessful with women are Omega males. They often have little to no social circle, and never get laid. Omega males are often labeled with Asperger's Syndrome.


Some have argued that the Alpha/Beta/Omega hierarchy is illegitimate, in that it bases sexual success too much upon behavior and status instead of looks. Looks theorists suggest using the Slayer/Incel hierarchy instead. Still the terminology could as well be used for social hierarchies that are primarily based on looks.

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