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Altmark22 is the current admin of and has an admin position on which is mostly unused. He was the only author of the scientific blackpill article on to come onto this wiki, and while he still believes in most of the parts of the article he wrote, he think the facial masculinity part of the blackpill is wrong, and suggested it be added to the Scientific anti-blackpill.

Not a blackpill dogmatist[edit]

He is not a blackpill dogmatist, which is partly why he is on both wikis, and has taken to looking at every issue from multiple perspectives to challenge and refine popular opinions. He has also stated he has lost a bit of faith in evolutionary psychological arguments about mating, and has lately been focusing on direct empirical studies.


He was installed as a peaceful transition of power on from tables to Altmark during the Great April 2020 Wiki Wars. Tables had previously recommended him for chat admin positions because he possessed mental stability, historical knowledge, tolerance of a wide variety of political opinion, non-combativeness, as well as other qualities suited to leadership that tables does not possess in as much quantity. Tables and him get along and chat a lot.


  • Various authoritarian beliefs, for example that the worst criminals should be caned.
  • Being anonymous
  • He does not believe in some of the blackpill, for example he thinks that claims about women preferring very masculine faces are no born out in scientific literature.

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