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Anti-work or principled work refusal is the opinion that traditional work today is unhealthy, destructive, environmentally unfriendly, pointless, a scam, and/or meaningless. Society labels anti-workers as, “leeches”, or, “deadbeats”, among other epithets.

A refusal to work often renders the man in question incel, unless he collects welfare.

Men are disproportionately insulted for refusing to work, whereas it’s celebrated for women to be stay-at-home.

Rampant anti-work sentiment among incels and NEETs on forums[edit]

A common forum meme making fun of Amazon’s prototype worker cage

Some NEETs and incels refuse work out of principle, and make memes and jokes about it. For example many cybercels ridicule workers as, “wagies”, or, “wagecucks”, and taunt them online to, “get in the cagie wagey!”, referencing a comically-small Amazon prototype worker cage found on a patent website.


People who adhere to such ideologies vary all across the political spectrum but usually lean towards left-wing online communities, with many left-wing sites like leftypol having an anti-work attitude. Far more purplepillers openly supporting such ideals than adherents of other, “pills”. Redpillers, with some exceptions, often argue that, “being a real man”, requires you work for at least 40 hours a week.

Some right-wingers and proto-fascists have shared anti-work memes, especially when they campaigned for Democratic Presidential nominee Andrew Yang in 2020, who offered a Universal Basic Income. Richard Spencer said such a thing could free the alt-right from wageslavery and have more time to devote to their causes.

True anti-workers are rare outside forums[edit]


The amount of NEETs truly against work are a strong minority in the USA, as only 11% of NEETs are not looking for work according to the Kansas City Fed,[1] and a much smaller percentage of those are doing that out of principle. For NEETs that refuse work out of principle, they may face discrimination from parents, tradcons (especially tradcon women), psychiatry, welfare agencies, women, and pretty much anyone really.


One reason there is a stigma against those who refuse work is that half of work nonparticipating men in their, “prime years”, are on some type of sedating pain medication.[2] It is unclear if they are taking the medication because of unemployment, things that led to unemployment, or factors outside of unemployment.

Traditional work vs every day work[edit]

Even those who call themselves, “anti-work”, may still like working. For example by doing house labor, gardening, child rearing, hobbies, unprofitable ventures etc. Even the laziest of NEETs are doing something. It’s just the market has chosen not to pay them, they refuse payment, or they don’t go looking for payment.

Notable people against work[edit]


  • Paul Lafargue
  • Ivan Illich
  • Bob Black
  • Abbie Hoffman
  • Buckminster Fuller
  • Charles Bukowski
  • Alanis Obomsawin
  • Herbert Marcuse

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Peter, from the movie, “Office Space”.

Contemporary figures[edit]

Life prospects of anti-workers[edit]

Anti-workers in European countries are fairly well-off, as most developed European countries have forced inheritance laws, wherein a child cannot be disinherited from real estate.

This is not the case in the USA. In the USA, if you don’t work out of principle, and your parents don’t like it, they will often cut you out of their inheritance 100% legally. This might be a reason why people in the USA work more than medieval peasants.[3]



  2. Krueger (2016) argues that nearly half of nonparticipating primeage men are taking pain medication on a daily basis, nearly two-thirds of whom are using prescribed pain medication

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