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An antimisandrist is someone who battles against misandry. Antimisandrists do not have a leader nor a clear set of goals, but there are a few beliefs which is quite common amongst a large proportion of them. Some of these include:

  • They reject the notion that the western world is a patriarchy that favors men.
  • They believe that society has many gynocentric and matriarchal elements to it.
  • They believe that society treats males (both boys and adult men) as disposable.
  • They believe that western society is unwilling to tackle social issues if it primarily affects males.
  • They believe that the "women and children first" is a mantra that has overextended itself into law, culture and media.
  • They believe that misandry is so dominant in western society that the only way to tackle male issues is by proclaiming it affects women too.
  • Believes in either a form of Anti-sexism, MRA, or masculinism.

Unfortunately, the matriarchy has made it seem like anti-misandrists are somehow misogynists, due to their persecution complex and their belief that misandry somehow does not exist.

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