Aramar Jadavra

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Aramar Jadavra aka Mikey was a self-banned editor on this wiki, chad, public figure and vlogger who talks about looksmaxxing topics.


He is a very sexually successful black man who's ideology best fits with deep green ecology, but otherwise he is not politically ideological.


He has an obsession with physiognomy, third-world beauty, and an obsession with the Western masculine sexual form. He donates blood plasma for money and gets random women on the street propositioning him for sex.

He once read a Korean study from 2014 on fashion and he concluded from this that purple coats are extremely sexually attractive to black women in the United states in 2020.


He has changed his full name unofficially multiple times to make him seem more sexually attractive.

In July 2020, he purchased a sling (like as in a sling for a broken arm), despite not needing one, for the purposes of attracting women. It is rumored he is thinking about purchasing a wheelchair further for these purposes.

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