Arranged marriage

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Arranged marriage is a practice by which men find wives with the help of familial connections, with parents of both the prospective bride and groom playing a role in vetting the other party and their family, and deciding whether they're suitable. Cited benefits of arranged marriage are that it helps keep socially awkward and betabuxx-tier men from being incels, and better assures compatibility and marital success, compared to a love marriage between two young people who lack the wisdom of age. Young foids in particular are notorious for choosing men based on superficial qualities such as looks and charisma, rather their having serious ability and intent to be a good provider.

Some arranged marriages are also forced marriages, in which one or both spouses has no choice about getting married. Foids were traditionally treated as property who had no right to refuse marriage their fathers wanted them to be a part of, but men also have been forced into marriage through shotgun weddings to girls they deflowered, as a way of paying the most optimal form of restitution for defiling them.

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