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BBC Theory, or Big Black Cock Theory, claims black males have an advantage over other races of men in seducing women because black men have BBCs (Big Black Cocks) and dickmog all other races. According to BBC Theory, women, especially white women, have an uncontrollable craving for BBC, as they are often 8 inches bonepressed. It is also stated that black men are desired for their supposed greater athleticism, generally more masculine facial appearance and reputation for “low inhib” behavior (known as just be black theory (JBB), as this doesn’t necessarily require a large penis).

BBC theory is primarily taught by redpilled and blackpilled incels. However, it's truth value is disputed by certain incel communities, with many ethnicels arguing the the theory is incorrect.

Arguments in support and against BBC Theory[edit]


  • Whereas white manlets are usually doomed to inceldom, BBC manlet often get attractive women [citation needed]
  • Bald white men are almost without exception incel, whereas bald black men do not have a greatly reduced attraction potential, often being seen as "cool".
  • Blacks are more extroverted than whites, making women more comfortable around blacks [citation needed]
  • BBCs are larger than white cocks, and are therefore (arguably) more pleasurable to women


United States government study[edit]

According to a U.S. government study, sickle cell, a rare disease which is more common under black people, caused a “significant penile enlargement” in one patient.[1] Self induced priapism is commonly advocated as a penis enlargement technique on penis extension forums. Thus, the BBC phenomenon may be primarily caused by the penis enlargement resulting from priapism episodes related to sickle cell anemia.


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