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Benefits of dating trans men

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“Trans men” pre-transition are the ultimate straight man’s choice. A regular girl has tits and pussy but comes loaded with gay shit such as make up, desire for shopping clothes, and other useless shit and watching boring shitty TV.

List of benefits[edit]

  • They don't care about income
  • They share your hobbies
  • They are usually dumb
  • They don't get as scared as regular women

Gay man vs Trans man vs trap[edit]

A gay dude is gay but he has a partner that shares his interests.

A trans man pre-transition has the best of both worlds, a female body but with enough fitness to keep up with you, the readers, good interests and great personality.

A trap is 200% gay. Not only is it fucking a dude, but also has the faggotry of a female.

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