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All the black youtube vloggers (in the entire world)
‎From left to right: Blaze1, Baraka TV, Oreo Man, Jamil the King, Kent, BigBossCalvin83, Rejected-From-Eve, and Dwayne Holloway

The black incelosphere is the collection of people of sub-saharan African heritage who vlog about their inceldom on Youtube. Most black incel YouTubers either retired or roped, but much of their content is still available through secondary channels that saved and reuploaded the original works. The most important archive of reuploaded content is a YouTube channel called: "You wouldn't like me when I get gutta". Other black incelosphere figures include Lone Wolf87, who is currently active.

The TFL Connection[edit]

Many black YouTubers who vlog about their loneliness and inceldom, are connected to the TFL scene. TFL, which stands for "True Forced Loneliness", is a subculture within the manosphere that is comparable to that of incels, but is calmer and less aggressive in nature. Nonetheless, TFL and incel communities have a lot of overlap.


There is another sub-group of black involuntary celibates that call themselves IBMOR, which stands for "Introspective Black Men Of Reform".

IBMOR members are not necessarily incels, but are often "red pilled". They do often discuss issues prominent in the manosphere, but from a black perspective. Topics such as black women, loneliness, MGTOW, and red pill are covered frequently by IBMORs. An IBMOR vlogger named VVS eventually started anonymous incel vlogs in November 2018.


It is theorized that black incels suffer more than white incels (JBW theory). Incel rates of Blacks seem to have increased faster among high school students compared to Whites, but Blacks or Latinos do not seem to be overrepresented on incel boards nor at universities (see Demographics § Race).

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