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The Incel Wiki does not subscribe to any pills. Incels are not a movement and hence do not have a belief system.

The blackpill is a mostly inaccurate internet philosphy that states female sexual desire is very inflexible,[1] that women naturally select men based on looks rather than personali-tee-hee, and that women select men with the best genes. Thus the belief system is more than just a belief in women being mostly lookist in dating. For blackpillers, ugly (“genetically inferior”) men have no chance of getting laid without more or less tying women down to individual men, which blackpillers propose. Hardcore blackpillers often promote suicide for incels. A significant amount, but not all blackpillers, promote rape,[2] and/or want to legalize rape.[3]

Some blackpillers have been criticized by others for cultish behaviour, such as exploitation of others, stalking behaviour, heavy outgroup shaming, mild outgroup harassment, promoting fear of the outside world, a unique us vs them vocabulary, targeted suicide advocacy, and a system of brainwashing. Blackpillers dismiss criticisms with NAB (“Not All Blackpillers”), and “it’s just shitposting brah”. Thing is none of them vocally try to stop these practices if they recognize them.

Not all incels are blackpillers and not all blackpillers are incels. The media often conflate the two, and falsely insist a belief in the blackpill is something all self-identified incels share. Many self-identified incels do not believe in the blackpill and many reject the pill dichotomy altogether.

Why the theory is wrong[edit]

Women generally don’t use hookup apps, men do[edit]

Women generally don’t flock to hookup apps, as 72% of Tinder users in the USA are male.[4] And only 7% of women in the US even opened Tinder (by far the most popular hookup app) in 2020,[5] let alone went on any dates on it.

Women also aren’t having tons of promiscuous sex in the United States, whatever one may think about promiscuous sex, but it’s a core of the blackpill philosophy that women are doing such a thing. The amount of sexually promiscuous women in the United States is still a strong minority.[6]

“80/20 rule” is bullshit[edit]

Blackpillers will often say that, “20% of men are ‘getting’ 80% of the women in society”. Ask them to give a citation for this and they’ll probably always cite dating app studies. What they of course always leave out is that almost 80% of hookup/dating apps are male, and in a mostly monogamous society their, “rule”, is mostly just them not understanding the demographics of the apps they are using.

Blackpill rejection of muscle mass[edit]

Blackpillers will go on and on about how building muscle is “cope” for a man, implying it’s a waste of time with regard to attracting women. They label men who attempt such things as “gymcels” and tell them there's no point to working out.

Contrary to their convoluted theories, it turns out that building muscle is a proven way to attract women… Who knew!

According to a study by UCLA, men who are muscular are 2× more successful than non-muscular men in having more than 3 sexual partners in their lifetime.[7]

Women’s attitudes towards male, facial sexual dimorphism isn’t static[edit]

Maybe kinda gross

Blackpillers have this black and white obsession that women only care about hyper-masculine cheekbones and jawlines in men.

Women, in reality, have mixed preferences toward male facial masculinity nowadays.

In an eye-tracking study measuring female attraction to facial sexual dimorphism in men, there were mixed results. Women generally found androgynous faces attractive when they had less conventionally attractive facial features, and found masculine looking faces attractive when the men had more conventionally attractive facial features.[8]

Another study showed mixed results as well. Researchers Penton-Voak Ph.D. and Perrett Ph.D. conducted a study in which they manipulated computer generated composite faces of men and showed them to women. They adjusted for sexual dimorphism, creating faces with big defined jaws, and ones with more feminine jaws. Turned out that manly faces were not at all attractive to women when they weren’t ovulating.[9]

Men are often more lookist than women[edit]

A core tenant of the blackpill philosophy is blaming women, but not men, for lookism. It actually turns out that men are more lookist than women in long-term relationships. And blackpillers claim to want long-term relationships. For example, a study by Pamela C. Regan and Ellen Berscheid of 70 men and women, rating 23 characteristics in sexual and marital desirability found that men cared more about the looks of a potential marriage partner. In other words, women cared less about looks than men.[10]

The blackpill and media[edit]

Journalists have also been known to falsely conflate “involuntary celibates” at large with blackpillers, and overinflate the real world significance of blackpillers. Such journalists have been known to present false narratives implying impending, cataclysmically widespread blackpiller violence in the USA,[11] even in the absence of credible threats with respect to that claim.[12] This has led to wider debate in journalism about irresponsible labeling of blackpillers by, “terrorism experts”.[13]

Why the overreaction in the media?[edit]

The false implication that blackpillers wield more power than a tiny street gang is probably due to the fact that relevant sensationalist journalists hate their lives and may be hybristophiliacs. What would be more accurate would be to point out that blackpillers are instead rather generically nerdy, anti-social, right-wing narcissists who absolutely love people taking them too seriously.

Who are blackpillers really?[edit]

Blackpillers: Unhelpful to everyone, even incels

Blackpillers are heretical Darwinist feminists. Feminists just want a cookie cutter “bad guy”, that fits their narrative, and blackpillers fit that role.

Just as Darwinist feminists would frame those who are unlucky in love, self-described blackpillers proclaim their, “subhumanity”, while wanting anti-male, or what they regard as, “dysgenic”, solutions.

For example 19% of respondents on a popular thred proposed legalized rape as the solution to inceldom in a thread, 17% supported male genocide, and 41% supported re-instituting patriarchy in a May 2018 thread.[14]

19% of respondents on a thread on proposed legalized rape as the solution to inceldom in a thread, 17% supported male genocide, and 41% supported re-instituting patriarchy in a May 2018 thread[15]


Many blackpillers are hypocritical and their worldview is primarily informed by pornography and/or 4chan. For example, anti-cuck, alt-right blackpillers with cuck fetishes masturbate and/or post in /r/IncelHumiliation, which is not an exaggeration, it's a fact.

They often take pride in making others angry, otherwise known as pathalogical anti-social behaviour.

Some blackpillers adopt a further philosophy of self-improvement-oriented male separatism (the “whitepill”), or a more fatalist approach to life through LDARing, or self-labeling as a, “darkcel”.

Weird connections[edit]

The only major forum geared exclusively toward the blackpill in 2019 was[16] and was modded by someone who at some point worked with the FBI.[17][18]


The person who first formalized the blackpill, Paragon, believed in radical biological essentialism, a prominent alt-right view. Paragon is white, but not knowingly a white nationalist or member of the alt-right as a collective and is thought to be currently living in the Philippines. The first two blackpill boards anywhere were either founded or discussion-seeded by a self-described "neo-reactionary", i.e. Caamib. Reddit made it clear they would not tolerate that style of incel discussion, and so Braincels was populated next. Braincels was a previously dormant sub founded by a non-racist anarcho-communist named AnathematicAnarchist. The forum espoused a unique version of the blackpill and was not particularly traditionalist or alt-right (outside of slut-shaming). Braincels actively sought to minimize racism in their Reddit community and before AnathematicAnarchist committed suicide, were largely hostile to the alt-right.[19][20] The lack of racism on Braincels was largely due to continuous bans of alt-right users, presumably mainly to prevent the entire subreddit from being banned but also because the mods were ethnics (one was an Indian Stalinist).

On, the current largest blackpill community, anywhere between 6% and 27% of users identify as alt-right (95% CI).[21] and 49% identify as traditionalists.[22] Their continued non-banned presence on the forum[23][24] leads to constant threads complaining about race-baiting, far-right views, and there exists mild but ultimately toothless animosity between "stormfrontcels" and ethnic users. However, many openly racist users have also been banned.

Origin of the term[edit]

The term blackpill was first used in 2011 by a blog commenter named Paragon on the Dalrock anti-feminist blog and was later adopted by OmegaVirginRevolt’s blog. Paragon said only mass poverty could solve men’s systemic dating issues, as he saw that as the only mechanism that could bind women to men short of eugenics. Modern blackpillers agree with Paragon that female desire in inflexible and that psychology is mostly determined by genetics. However modern blackpillers favor mechanisms such as promiscuity-shaming instead of poverty, to bind individual women to individual men. Facing dating difficulties in Canada, Paragon moved from Canada to the Philippines, a less prosperous country than Canada, and married there. In Paragon’s own words:[25]

[…] to reconcile that there are no personal solutions to systemic problems—which can only resolve over evolutionary time.

And any solution will very much entail steep trade-offs, in that males can’t have their cake and eat it too—a prosperous population of deferred ecological pressures (like we currently enjoy), without an expectation that this prosperity will increase the mating latitude of females (dramatically perturbing the breeding population, to the point of near evolutionary instability).

One will always follow the other, as male consensus on these matters is practically impossible in terms of inter-sexual competition(as opposed to the broad accord females enjoy through an abundant wealth of sexual opportunities, courtesy of their reproductively limiting function).

Other definitions[edit]

More generally a, “blackpill”, refers to anything associated with extreme fatalism, nihilism, pessimism, negativity, catastrophizing etc.

Blackpilled communities[edit]


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