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Type: Forum
Author: GameDevCel
URL: is a blackpill, pseudo-incelospherian alternative to and that started in 2020 after a mass banning of users. It was started by a dominant member named GameDevCel and another person who pays the bills but wishes to remain anonymous. As of late 2020, it's enjoyed quite a bit of popularity.[1]

Bombing and revival of incelistan

On October 30th 2020, their server was forced offline through abuse reports to the server company. All forum threads were lost in the process. The threads that got them shut down were allegedly two threads about clothed, jailbaits, or women under 18. They claim there was no child pornography in the threads and were shut down for no good reason.

They were able to retrieve their data back from their host and are back online.

The following screen was posted by GameDevCel in a public Discord room after the ban showing how their server was terminated by the server company itself.

Early History

Transition from was used as a refuge for posters, which closed down because of a femoid spamming nudes, which caused drama among the admins.[2] initially used phpBB forum software, but switched to Vanilla forum software and was moved to the domain at

Many regulars got offended at Vcelguy going on ban sprees, and so more set up shop at Their active user count also began to surpass

After recruited more users, they got DDOSd, which they fixed by closing down all traffic not routed through Cloudflare.[3]

They briefly went down on October 30th 2020 after server abuse reports as mentioned earlier. No backups were ever done by GameDevCel as he said he never wanted to pause the database to do so. Luckily he was able to retreive the data, as mentioned earlier. They came back online around November 1st, and are currently online.

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