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Blackpilleddoomermisanthropy is a self-described blackpill blog run by Varg utan Flock. It is notable for being a bit different than the modern, 2021 blackpill ideology.

The blog is mainly about politics, being one of a few more political incel faces sprouting up (along with the Twitterer malesexpolitics). 2020 being a year of much division in the incelosphere, possibly because of the elections among other things.


  • Anti-immigration
  • Belief that Jared Kushner has a political career
  • Pornography exploits men
  • Antiracism Is A Scam
  • Self-described incels are right
  • The left is wrong
  • The right is wrong
  • Technology Is Not The Enemy
  • Capitalism Is A Scam
  • Trump will lose the 2020 election
  • Feminists are wrong about some things and right about other things

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