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Personal life
Born unknown
Ideology tradcon
Temperament satirical/drama
Ethnicity part-hispanic
Vlogging info
Channel BrendioEEE
Years active 11
Subscribers 3,400

Updated: 04/22/2021

By including this public figure on this wiki, we are not necessarily implying they are incel (involuntarily celibate) or are in any way associated with incels. Furthermore, with regards to any actual incels listed on this wiki, inceldom is a life circumstance, not an insult or a movement/community.

BrendioEEE, also known publically as “Derrick”, is a public figure, tradcon, and incel vlogger who appeared in video productions by The Fallen State and Jubilee among others. He claims to be a locationcel in many of his interviews. Most of his interviews can be found on Youtube.

In December 2019, an Instagram model expressed interest in dating Brendio.[1] He self-identifies as a locationcel and has proposed enforced monogamy for NEETs and increasing the age of consent to 25 except in cases of marriage. He claimed that he started off approaching looksmatches. When they were nonredamancing him, he switched to approaching ugly and old one’s and two’s. When he realized even they were nonredamancing, him he began to, “swallow the black pill”.[2] On social media he goes by BrendioEEE or variations thereof.

In 2020, he e-dated dated an e-girl and vlogger named Tahlia. He is an awesome guy.

Suicide threat video[edit]

Brendio grinning in his public goodbye video

In late 2020, Brendio got 8k+ views on a vid wherein he claimed he was committing suicide called, “If this video is up, that means I’m dead. My final message to everyone. I Love You Tahlia”.[3]


In this video, he addressed Tahlia specifically and his alleged desperation about their breakup. In the video, he wishes Tahlia would still talk to him, showers her with compliments, calls her a princess, and states he wishes she would stay with him, while crying.[4] He also tells her not to kill herself for unknown reasons. He also tells her not to trust an unknown man, and tells her that her family, "is abusive and doesn’t understand her", paraphrased. He expresses pride at having removed Tahlia from her family and also tells her that she cannot trust anyone ever, except him. His crying stops multiple times in the video, followed by grinning.[5]

The video appeared to have been scheduled to release after he livestreamed himself tripping on the ground of a forest with a leash around his neck. In this separate video/livestream he claimed he was trying to kill himself and that he had drunk a lot of alcohol.[6]


His audience mostly reacted negatively in the comments with some even cheering on the alleged suicide.[7] There was disagreement in the comments over whether Brendio actually killed himself.[8]

Comparison to other incel vloggers[edit]

If he actually ended up killing himself, that wouldn't have been that unusual for incel vloggers. Taking into account Baraka TV and Elliot Rodger, and that there are 63 historical incel vloggers, the incel vlogger sucide rate is ~3%, approximately 95x higher than the national male average. And the attempted suicide rate is much higher.

He did not kill himself however, as he logged into not long after his alleged suicide attempt video.

Brendio also released a follow up video describing he was indeed in a mental hospital from the cops catching him doing his, "suicide livestream". He stated he was diagnosed with depression and PTSD and refused all psychotropic drugs.

Fakecel accusations[edit]

He’s been described as a fakecel, by some, for two reasons: firstly, he’s had two girlfriends before, secondly, fatcels are volcel. Thirdly, a model wants to fuck him. Fourthly, he almost married someone in 2020.[9]

Some people defend BrendioEEE on fakecel accusations based on the rumor that he is allegedly 5'5" tall.

Community backlash[edit]

As mentioned earlier, many incels in the incelosphere claim that Brendio is a volcel because of the purported fatcel=volcel analogy. However, this accusation doesn’t hold much weight, as Brendio lost some weight since his media debut.

Some people in the community say that Brendio is swindled by normie Youtubers as they claim he is too innocent to realize that people are monetizing him for clicks.

It was revealed that Brendio was indeed volceling at times as he was sometimes in a serious relationship. Despite this, he is still active in incel-adjacent internet spaces.

Forum usage[edit]

BrendioEEE was banned from in 2020 for dating an /r9k/ user, public figure, and Youtube vlogger named Tahlia. They broke up before they met in person.

New Terms[edit]

In September 2018, Brendio coined a new term: "abominationcel". According to BrendioEEE, the term means someone who is deformed and ugly.

According to BrendioEEE, there are three main factors behind inceldom:

  1. locationceldom
  2. mentalceldom and
  3. uglyceldom

He also believes that Los Angeles is the worst place to be incel in America. He has acknowledged that his online interviews are an attempt at statusmaxxing.[10]

Interviews and Appearances[edit]

He was a staple on the Jesse Lee Peterson Show in 2019

A Youtube screenshot showing BrendioEEE as a featured guest on Jesse Lee Peterson’s show


BrendioEEEE’s second appearance on The Fallen State came with a makeover. This time having lost weight, with manicured eyebrows, and with a new hairdo, and facial hair. The response from Jesse Peterson and his fans was to tell him to get a job as a truck driver.

BrendioEEE’s new makeover
Screen of Derrick's makeover while appearing on Jesse Lee Peterson's Youtube channel

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