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Bridenapping is a practice wherein the bridenapper gets a wife through physical force. This is done by capturing her, kidnapping her, or abducting her. The most common place where this occurs is Kyrgyzstan, a central Asian country. The bridenappers are almost always nearcels, truecels or involuntary celibates. 1 in 5 women in Kyrgyzstan are bridenappees.

Genghis Khan's mother and wife were notable victims of bridenapping.

In Japan they refer to bridenapping as Ottoi Yomejo.

Bridenapping and rape[edit]

Historically, this was also a common custom of the men of the various nomadic peoples of the vast Eurasian steppe. The English word 'rape' also derives from bridenapping, with the word deriving from the Latin word rapere, meaning to seize or kidnap by force. A prominent semi-historical depiction of bridenapping was the legend of the rape of the Sabine women by Roman men,[1] which was said to be caused by widespread inceldom among the rapists, caused by a lack of women, because the city was founded by largely male pioneers (similar to colonial America and Australia).

It is viewed as a tradition in Kyrgyszstan and in order to make bridenapping seem less traumatic for the girl, they hold a wedding ceremony shortly after and claim that she wasn't a victim of bridenapping, but that the bridenapper is a groom and then a husband and that she was rescued from hitting the Wall and getting milkmired.

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