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An incelist is an incel activist, ie someone genuinely trying to directly pair up incels, decrease the mental anguish of incels, or someone advocating for social change that would cause less inceldom.

Incelists tend to be more politically oriented (in an unofficial capacity of course) than people in other categories listed in this wiki.


LordGoro is an old school incel,A writer, and an indirect incel activist. Born in the 1970s. Retired from the world, and is a renegade from an alternate Timeline, from a different Earth. Presently creating what is affectionately known as the New Bible for incels, outcasts and misfits. This was started in 2019 on November 27th, and one volume gets published online every year.

The official PublishedTitle is "America the Poor: A Wanderers Tale". Its published on multiple sites, including and wattpad, and more sites in the future. There are two volumes at present, with 8 more volumes coming in future years.

Synopsis of America the poor: A million word autobiography. A crazy genius boy gets sexually abused. Ends up shuffled across unloving miserable family members, and wanders the city of Buffalo on foot, learning literally everything he can. Gets obsessed with a young gorgeous girl who doesnt give a crap, stalks her to her Hotel prom, and gets arrested and committed to a loony bin for a possible terrorist act over love. Lived there in the loony for YEARS, then ends up in a very infamous home for lost and unwanted boys. Gets cursed to a monstrous mothers freezing attic to avoid homelessness. Then ends up wandering homeless for 35 years across every city in America using his unique intelligence, awareness, wits, and utter stubbornness to survive. Has endless utterly insane adventures across his life with wild colorful characters he meets along his travels! Coming close to death on many occasions, yet doomed to keep living.


Lordgoro was born in Buffalo, NY in 1970, and has wandered all of America mainly on foot, and is also being closed watched by FBI and possibly other agencies of Government.

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