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Name: Catfishman
Birth: 1985-1986?
Job: Janitor?
Ethnicity: Hispanic?

By including this public figure on this wiki, we are not necessarily implying they are incel (involuntarily celibate) or are in any way associated with incels. Furthermore, with regards to any actual incels listed on this wiki, inceldom is a life circumstance, not an insult or a movement/community.

Catfishman, also known as, “Drdolittle23” on reddit, and “Killerryan675” on lookism, is a 33 year old current or former real life janitor known in the incel communities for cyberstalking incels and normies and catfishing girls on dating apps before meeting them, video taping the encounter and uploading it to the web.

He routinely brags about, "not being an incel", and having “fucked over 35 females”. He started posting on lookism in 2016.

His current Youtube channel is called, "Just Random Sh*t"


Personal life[edit]

He claims to have been a pickup artist in the past, cold approaching females during the day and getting rejected almost by all of them. He has admitted to going on a few dates in the past as well.

Arrest History[edit]

Online documents show an arrest history related to cyberstalking. Catfishman has also gone to jail quite a few times. In his chronological order of previous jail visits:

  • Feb 2012 - May'2012; month and a half: retraining order and domestic violence
  • Sept 2012 - May'2013; 8 months/protection order violation
  • May 2017 - 3 days/cyberstalking

All and all catfishman did not drop the soap and made many jail friends at the time of his stay.

Piss Drinking[edit]

The piss drinking occured in the incel discord server known as, "The Abode". He apparently annoyed so many people that someone insisted that he drink his own pee, videotape it, and upload it, which he did. The girl he orbited at the time was a girl named Tahlia aka noodles, who catfishman thought was a, "mentally ill teen girl". Catfishman claims his piss drinking was related to being, "baited as an orbiter while paying the ultimate price for giving an unknown female attention".


As of 2020, he vlogs from a Youtube channel called, “Just Random sh*t”, wherein he reposts other people’s content or uses a voicechanger with slides, suggesting he is hiding his identity for some unknow reason. He also recruits Knajjd and Grotesque Subhuman among others for his videos.

Banned from[edit]

He was banned from in early 2019. All of his catfishing vlogs have disappeared from Bitchute not long afterwards.

4chan/Green text Catfishman[edit]

Apparently there was a previous catfishman named, "green text Catfishman", on 4chan. This other catfishman basically documented his catfish escapades. It’s unknown whether ,g"reen text catfishman", documented catfishing was real or just story telling.

But the incel Catfishman has no connection to the green text Catfishman nor did he ever post on 4chan. Incel Catfishman was discovered by the broader internet prior to the /r/incels ban.

Digital nomad[edit]

He was banned from in early March 2019 by cocksucker, and people remarked that this was the logical conclusion of the line of cases that began with Zesto, Zyros, and Leucosticte.

He then set up shop at for a bit.

External Links[edit]

  • World star hip hop video: [4]

Interviews and Appearances[edit]

  • NonSequitur Podast Jan 9th 2019 [5]

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