Chicken tendies

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Some Tendies from a fast-food resturaunt.

Chicken Tendies, also known as chicken fingers is food often made from chicken breast. It's usually covered in breadcrumbs and is popular in fast-food restaurants such as Wendy's and Burger King. It's often so cheap that people living with parents can purchase it.


In online meme communities, the term "chicken tendies" is a pejorative referring to NEETs having to ask their mom for food. In said memes, the NEETs are portrayed as harassing and abusing their mothers for more tendies. If they are successful acquiring tendies, it is often because they exchanged in some of their, "good boy points".

The meme is both used in a self-satirical manner, and also by people who make fun of NEETS. The meme plays off the stereotype of NEETs being extremely lazy or having childish personalities.

The origin of this meme comes from a poem and copypasta called, "Gimme, gimme, Chicken Tendies".

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