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Coach Blackpill

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Coach Blackpill is a youtuber and content creator. He likes to describe himself as "neutral" when it comes to the "gender war". He makes content related to Incels and the Blackpill, mixed in with some general life-advice.

Moral Centrism & Objectivity[edit]

Coach Black does not believe that females are objectively privileged over men politically. But he does believe in the Looks Blackpill which seems contradictory to some. He tries to deliver an objective point of view that is not biased towards one side or the other- However, he treads carefully around the topic of Inceldom because the majority of his viewers are Incels. He seem to have a problem with misogyny when it presents itself, and as a centrist he would rather avoid generalizations, even if some are generally true.

Debunking Skeptics[edit]

Despite having moderate success with woman, CBP is very blackpilled and it seems to affect him as he takes the subject very personally. Alot of his videos are just him shitting on Coach Redpill

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