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--News: 03/03/21-- If you haven't had sex in the last 6 months involuntarily, please feel free to participate in a new academic study on incels and non-self-identified incels. It is called Stereotypes about Male Sexuality, and wants to look deeper into what outcomes love-shyness and inceldom has on men’s sexual identities. You can take the study here

Cold approach

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A cold approach is when you try to ask someone out without knowing them. The opposite is a warm approach. It is one of the few useful terms to emerge from the PUA community. Cold approaches, especially for incels, are much less successful than warm approaches, because women generally need to know a sub-8 guy for a while before she considers him a romantic and/or sexual object.

Whereas chads and chadlites tend to cold approach women they’re attracted to, low-tier normie, incelish and incel men tend to engage in juggernauting.

Bluepilled anthem

Some cold approachers may have been influenced by the following bluepill anthem:

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