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Name: Wynn, Natalie
Birth: October 21, 1988
Job: Youtuber
Ethnicity: White

By including this public figure on this wiki, we are not necessarily implying they are incel (involuntarily celibate) or are in any way associated with incels. Furthermore, with regards to any actual incels listed on this wiki, inceldom is a life circumstance, not an insult or a movement/community.

Contrapoints or Natalie Wynn is a popular male-to-female transsexual BreadTube vlogger and 'champagne' 'socialist' whose main claim to fame is comparing the plight of incels with that of transsexualism. She also expressed sympathy for incels, saying that incels have an understandably bad experience on online dating and urged people to sympathize with that. Her video got 3+ million views. She also has talked about notable incels such as Christine Weston Chandler. She considers herself a feminist and shows sympathy to SOME aspects of philosophies self-described incels come up with on the internet. She also has many fans who are from politically-correct feminist spaces such as Twitter and Tumblr, with some fans eventually leaving her, and harassing her, finding her content extremely offensive, and often made false allegations that Contrapoints was transphobic, or Non-Binary phobic.

Her vlog[edit]

She called the blackpill a dogmatic philosophy of unhealthy catastrophizing. She notably compared blackpilled incel forums to death cults, with an eternal hell and an omnipotent enemy. She pointed out rampant 'suicifuel/ropefuel', and LDAR encouragement posts, for example. She also urged all incels to leave all incel forums. She also gave a rundown of the differences between the redpill and the blackpill. After this point, she was integral in greatly forming many incels and de-radicalizing (or rather, re-radicalizing) many redpill and blackpill incels. This video may have partially led to creating movements such as the purplepill.

In her video "men" she criticizes aspects of toxic masculinity, male insecurity, and pick up artists but also explains that women (especially white women) themselves often often hold misandrist views and hold significant negative bias against minorities, and mentally ill people. also explains that a solution to the issues facing men may actually be some form of men's rights movement, however explains that on the left, Men's rights activism is a serious taboo especially when it conflicts with the mainstream ideals of feminism, and concludes that ultimately she has no actual solution for the problem, and that men will have to find their own answer.


She is known to be a very popular breadtuber, and is followed by many young teenage (arguably) left-leaning (or neo-liberal) feminist. politically correct people on the internet. And while many fight for things such as equality, many of her fans have been noted to be extremely hostile to even fellow leftists. Especially towards incels. This toxicity was so severe that large portions of her own fanbase defected and begun attacking and harassing her as well. If you are an incel, it is not suggested to debate these people or breadtubers as it often gives lee-way to dog-piling and echo-chambers who will only lead to mass harassing and threats towards said individuals. Despite claiming they are progressive, such people tend to use controversial online guerrilla tactics commonly used by the alt-right such as threats, doxings, cyber-bullying, etc. And has led to some people committing suicide.

Despite Contrapoints making points about the online left for being extremely retributive and aggressive, and criticized it in her video justice, many of her fans still openly participate in such activity and are often not wanting to debate with opinions they don't agree with.

By such many fans, Incels often are made fun of for being mentally ill transphobic virgins, and often are still widely believed to be extremely right-wing and racist (something that is just not true) Many also tend to deflect any criticism of themselves, or their personalities as toxic-masculinity even when they themselves are the ones being toxic and unreasonable.

Although some of her fans will claim that they want to help incels and reach common ground, this is often only through forcing them to abandon their ideologies, often seeking to make incels drones for feminism and to work for the cause of feminism.

She is also friends with many anti-incel breadtubers such as Vaush Take of that what you will...

Jordan Peterson..ism[edit]

She also expressed explicit admiration for Jordan Peterson’s “muh bootstraps” advice to incels. Which is basically blaming incels for their predicament and telling them to “man-up”.

She otherwise does not like Jordan Peterson and made a video making fun of Jordan for trying to conflate Marxism with postmodernism, when both were rival academic camps with mostly opposite ideologies (grand narrative vs. rejection of grand narratives).

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