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Cotton ceiling

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Cotton ceiling: No way for “female” penises.

The cotton ceiling refers to transgender women not being able to overcome the “barrier” of lesbians wanting to have sex with them.[1] Some SJWs interpret this as oppression, but most do not.

Origin and etymology[edit]

The term was coined by a Canadian activist Drew Deveaux, a transgender woman. She did not mean the term to have a connotation of sex, contrary to the modern colloquial use of the term. She meant the term to mean transgender women being excluded from, “female spaces”.[2]

The term uses similar language to a feminist concept called the, “glass ceiling”, which describes women who are unable to make as much money as men. Underwear is typically made from cotton. The, “ceiling” is used as a generic concept for an impenetrable barrier, just as in the feminist, “glass ceiling”.


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