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Involuntary sexual infidelity has been mocked in old comics by placing horns on the individuals involved

Cuckoldry is the process of a monogamous man (the cuck) losing his part-time, monogamous escort’s sexual fidelity against his preference.

The incelosphere and manosphere broaden the term to mean anyone who is even tangentially related to facilitating non-monogamy (not just adultery).

Most incelospherians and manospherians will even call the male mistress, (otherwise known as a, "bull", if secretive, or, "cicisbeo", if disclosed) a, "cuck". This classification is, of course, nonsensical and incel shaming.

Manosphere and incelosphere insult variations[edit]

The manosphere and incelosphere have a much broader meaning of cuck than what it originally meant. Probably due to the infiltration of the alt-right in incel spaces, and the adoption of the term as an insult against feminine men and anti-racist conservatives in the US 2016 presidential election. The broadened meaning of the term, “cuck”, in these spaces include:

  • A man who approves of his part-time, monogamous escort having sex with other men
  • Anyone who engages in or encourages any form of polyamory
    • Including the, “bull”, or, "cicisbeo", that got a man cucked
      • Which is a bit nonsensical give the insult is usually meant to infer humiliation rather than being the humiliator.
  • Someone who is not able to sexually satisfy their partner (leading to cheating by the female).
  • Any man who is, “guilty”, of participating, however abstractly, in a subversion of monogamous practices.
  • Feminine men
  • Weak or spineless men in general
  • A man who advocates progressive social policies
  • A conservative who adopts leftist policy
  • A conservative who adopts pro-racial-diversity policy
  • Someone disliked for any reason by the utterer of the term
  • Someone who forfeits anything
    • “Jerald just cucked himself by giving up that job opportunity”
  • Someone who gets mogged
  • Someone who gets cockblocked
    • “Sam was hitting on that woman and just got cucked by Chad”,
  • Someone who got something stolen from him in a potentially humiliating way
    • “Dan got cucked when his own business listed him as inaccurate about a business dealing”

Those who use the term cuck in this way may not even have strong opinions on monogamy or cuckoldry, but are just interested in participating in alt-right/4chan subculture, or participating in what they perceive as trolling activity.

Criticism of cuck-as-insult[edit]

Many incels don’t use this word as a pejorative, claiming the motives of shaming a lack of masculinity are incelphobic, social darwinian, or somewhat misandrist as they claim that weak men will always exist and are necessary to value for a healthy society.

Prominent MRA outlets such as A Voice for Men has also take issue with shaming men for not being monogamous:

In the conservative world, there are numerous harmful stereotypes floating about when it comes to sex. For starters, all men are not seen to be potential rapists but potential adulterers.
—Hestia, via A Voice for Men[1]

The term has also been criticized by members of the pro-male collective as well as Analyzing Male Slavery as a form of anti-male bullying, and right-wing scapegoating of sexual insecurities. Analyzing Male Slavery characterizes cuckoldry as a desperate attempt at incels trying to gain mating opportunity stolen from them by alpha men and states they should not be ridiculed.

Cuckoldry and inceldom[edit]

There was a comedy movie about cuckoldry solving a man’s inceldom called Guanggun'er, which was also about the general Chinese incel/bachelor crisis.

Various Chinese economists such as Xie Zuoshi and Yew-Kwang Ng have proposed polyandry to solve the Chinese incel problem. Polyandry is a closely related concept to cuckoldry, and in the incelopshere in 2020, means the same thing as cuck (usually as an insult unfortunately to those who resort to such things), despite having different underlying definitions.

History of the term[edit]

The term cuckold is all over Medieval Literature; in fact, it isn’t too much of an exaggeration to say that a huge percentage of humour from this time revolves around making fun of cuckolds. Cuckoldry plays a major theme the Canterbury Tale, Shakespeare’s sonnets and plays, the 13th Century poem “The Owl and the Nightingale” to the 18th Century play “The Country Wife”. The cuckold is often portrayed with horns, signifying failure and/or immoral behaviour. The humor had an element of religious shaming to it. Horns are still associated with cuckolds in the modern era; in some Mediterranean countries, an obscene gesture is created by extending the index and litter finger upwards and tucking in the other fingers and the thumb. This gesture is used to imply the target of the gesture has been cuckolded, and is thus often seen as an especially grievous insult.


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