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--News: 03/03/21-- If you haven't had sex in the last 6 months involuntarily, please feel free to participate in a new academic study on incels and non-self-identified incels. It is called Stereotypes about Male Sexuality, and wants to look deeper into what outcomes love-shyness and inceldom has on men’s sexual identities. You can take the study here


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Cuckmaxx, or Cuckmaxxing is the process of which a person goes through to “entice” a woman to be with him. It has a strong correlation with Betabuxx.

In cuckmaxxing, the subject in question is usually ugly or average looking. The way he gets woman is usually by being very effeminate and subservient. People who cuckmaxx will almost never disagree with their partner, and will always appease them no matter what. It’s a cheap and easy way to entice woman to be with you.

Soyboys & Open Relationships

Soyboys are often the type of guys that get woman through cuckmaxxing. They are often self-proclaimed feminists and abstain from any men’s related movements. Cuckmaxxers will sometimes let their woman to “have her way” with random guys to keep her happy and satisfied.

Politics & Culture

Cuckmaxxers will have the tendency to vote democract or liberal (depending on the woman in question). and they usually watch marvel movies and romantic comedies (to match whatever media their partner consume.) gun ownership,hunting and rock music are stricly forbidden when cuckmaxxing. Also, it’s better to get a tesla or a prius than a pickup truck or a muscle car.

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