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A cutecel is someone who is cute looking, but cannot find a partner. Women think of them as cute, but not that sexually appealing. Male cutecels sometimes had positive female attention in their teenage years, but women found them too feminine after around age 18. After that point they typically are screwed unless they are bicel, where they might pull off being an attractive twink and get into a homosexual relationship.

"he's not... ugly though"

"women often love ugly men, but never, an unmanly man"
Arthur Schopenhauer


Male cutecels are usually unintentionally androgynous, angry, and sad. Their hyper-feminine appearance becomes a turn-off to women. Some cutecels are also just shy, have autism, or body image issues. Nonetheless, cutecels rarely get attention on dating apps.

Many cutecels tend to hypercompensate for their unintentional femininity through outright chad worship, masculinism, and/or alt-right politics.

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