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DailyDialectic was the owner of, a short lived continuation of /r/incels that was created around the same time as and He had ambitious plans to import all of the old threads and comments from the r/Incels backups that were stored in the Internet Archive, into his own site so the conversations could continue and incel culture could be preserved. The plan was stymied, though, by a lack of Python expertise.

Lack of funds[edit]

DailyDialectic also had financial difficulties in trying to pay for webhosting, since his fundraising drives tended not to be as successful as he would have liked. This may have contributed to the site's being unable to come back up after it was taken down by pressure from Babe and /r/IncelTears users in February 2018.

It is unknown whether DailyDialectic is still active anywhere in the incelosphere, as he has not publicly made his presence known on any of the major incel sites since the takedown.

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