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Dating Limbo

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Dating Limbo is a term & concept coined by Steve Hoca, and later developed by HBTDL.

The Concept[edit]

Dating Limbo refers to "empty spaces" within a woman's dating life. for example, it is known that woman take long breaks between relationships. however, some of these 'breaks' can reach up to a period of 5-10 years. It is unknown why these extended breaks happen however some theories have been brought up to support the idea.

School & Finances - The modern woman prioritizes education before family, love and all other things that come with it. some degrees take up to 7 years to complete, student debt might last forever. Most woman prioritize working long hours over socialization or any other activity. however, its known that woman median savings are 23,000$ compared to the 76,000$ of men. so it is clear that woman work alot, but spend more on their "free time" which isn't much to begin with.

Opportunity & "Striking Gold" - Many of the modern woman we know today, are infatuated with the idea of "striking it big" financially. they often use social media platforms to lure in "potential investors" to use as product pushers in exchange for easy money. this is also done over dating apps & streaming sites. in addition, many woman self identify as "entrepreneurs" or business-savants even if its not true. their infatuation with money & lifestyle is borderline insane, therefore it is not easy for them to start a family or a serious relationship.

Waiting for the "Right" Man - Many woman believe that they deserve the best for themselves, because they won't tolerate anything less than perfect or very good. this belief is usually the result of mental illness or the distorted mental-image of themselves. This line of thinking is clearly unhealthy, despite being very popular. the older they get, the more radical and reclusive they become. This is why older woman compare relationships to slavery, and love to "entrapment". they often use cheesy quotes to demonstrate why its better to be "alone","free" and "independent"

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