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Deep-set eyes

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Deep-set eyes could be, and most commonly, due to brow ridge prominence. Caucasians tend to have "deeper-set" appearing eyes to do their strong brow ridges.

In addition, high or forward-projecting cheekbones or infraorbital rims cloud create a "deep-set" appearance.

It isn't necessarily how the eyes themselves are deep-set or not. It's the bone structure surrounding the eyes. High, forward-projecting cheekbones and infraorbital rims create a relatively "deep-set" appearance. This is an aesthetic look not only because the eyes are relatively "deep-set" relative to the cheekbones, but because of the bone structure itself.

One could tell if a person has attractive eyes or not even when he is wearing sunglasses or if his eyes are censored out. This means that the appeal of the so-called "deep-set eyes" is largely influenced by the bone structure surrounding them.

"Deep-set eyes" is therefore a misnomer because it misses the big picture--how the bones surrounding the eyes play a large role in both structure and aesthetic appeal.

Looksmaxing to get deep-set eyes[edit]

Orbital decompresison is the only surgery that can give you deep-set eyes. This surgery moves the eye backwards and is used to fix prominent eyes. It costs 5000-1000$ depending on your country. It's also possible to fraud deep seet eyes by removing the eyelid exposure (upper and lower), this can be achieved with fat injections aka lipofilling or orbital implants

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