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Definition of inceldom

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This page outlines the definition of the umbrella term inceldom, which is an abbreviated from of involuntary celibacy which has been used at least since the 18th century.


From involuntary (in-vol-uhn-ter-ee) celibate (sel-uh-bit, -beyt). See etymology page for a more comprehensive elucidation.


  1. (gender-neutral countable noun) The state of being unable to form a romantic or sexual relationship despite wishing to.[1]


The definition of incel as an adjective is:

  1. Being unable to form a romantic or sexual relationship despite wishing to.


There are two antonyms of the word inceldom:

  • Nonceldom: The state of being capable of forming a romantic or sexual relationship.
  • Volceldom: The state of (volitionally) choosing to forgo all romantic or sexual relationships (usually as part of some ascetic or religious vow).

The term truecel is an antonym of the word gigachad.


See the synonyms of inceldom page for more information.


The hypernym of the term inceldom is celibacy.


There are several hyponyms of the term inceldom; these include mentalceldom, uglyceldom, love-shyness and ethniceldom.