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The term dogpill suggests women would prefer to have sex with dogs and other members of the family canidae than incels.

Women, upon hearing this as a criticism, blame incels for racial discrimination against other species.


A Chad version of a dog is nicknamed Buster.

There are more internet forum threads with women describing sexual attraction to their own dogs than there are threads with women describing attraction towards male virgins.

Many breeds of dogs have a much larger sex organ than an average human male, thus making the dogpill concomitant with the dickpill. There is also a large worldwide market for replica dog dildos, with one of the major sites selling these products [1] being the 18,622th most popular site in the United States [2] and 33,328th most popular site worldwide in terms of internet traffic.

A quick Google trends comparison found that there was roughly equivalent search volume for the phrase 'dog dildo' as there was for the search term 'realistic dildo' [3] from 2004 to the present. Disturbingly, one of related queries displayed by google for the search term 'dog dildo' was the term 'large dog breeds'. This could be seen as some evidence that the women who are purchasing these dildos are also interested in practicing 'the real thing', with an actual Canid.


Alfred Kinsey, the infamous human sexuality researcher, conducted a survey in the 1950s that examined the prevalence of bestiality. It was found that 3.6 percent of adult females sampled confessed to having engaged in such sexual acts after their adolescent period[4] Given most dogs do not last beyond age 13, we can safely conclude that over 3.6 percent of women are pedophiles. This was in the more socially conservative fifties, and is thus most likely an underestimate compared to the post sexual revolution West. In any case, self-reported surveys attempting to determine the prevalence of zoophilic activities would most likely suffer from a severe bias to under-report respondents level of involvement in such acts.

Also, this figure of 3.6 might sound low, but it is roughly equivalent to the number of adolescent males who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the United States.[5] Thus, if this figure is accurate, it is almost certain that you have encountered in your lifetime a female that has had sexual intercourse with a dog.

A subsequent study of "highly intelligent women" conducted in 1974 by Dematino, M found that 7 percent of the sample admitted to having engaged in various forms of sexual activity with animals, primarily with dogs.[6]. The author concluded that, due to the figure being higher than in the previous study by Kinsey et al. (1953), more intelligent women may be more prone to engaging in such acts.

The figures cited above are likely higher then the amount of women that would be receptive to the idea of dating or having sex with a truecel. While most studies into the subject have found that men admit to engaging in zoophilic acts more often than women, it can be argued that men frequently perform these deeds out of desperation (because of males much higher libido). Conversely, because of women's much lower libido on average as compared to men, and their typical ease of finding a willing sexual partner, it can be argued that women perform these acts solely due to zoophilic preferences.

Women’s genitals are naturally stimulated by zoophilic pornography whereas men’s genitals are not. This was measured and confirmed by Meredith Chivers, PhD., an assistant professor of psychology at Queens University in Kingston. This included all images of animal coupling they were exposed to: including e.g. Bonobos.[7] Though, it has been argued that this may represent an evolutionary adaption for women to produce vaginal secretions readily in response to sexual stimuli, in order to prevent traumatic damage from rape etc.

In 1973 a famous work was published entitled “My Secret Garden: Women’s Sexual Fantasies” that luridly detailed women's deepest sexual fantasies. The book has been dubbed the "innocent dawning of what later became known as the sex-positive feminist movement".[8] The work by the author Nancy Friday, was infamous for including several highly graphic female fantasies that pertained to the practice of bestiality, primarily with dogs.

There is also a large underground cottage industry of zoophilic pornography, involving films being produced depicting female actresses engaging in sexual activities with dogs (including amateur films)[9], with the most famous actress to be involved in such pornography being the star of the infamous 1970s pornographic film Deep Throat, Linda Lovelace (who claims to have been coerced at gunpoint during the filming of her pornographic movies.) This is despite the the fact that the posession, distribution and production of such materials is illegal in many jurisdictions. Related to this, in an Italian study conducted in 2011 regarding the pornography viewing habits of young adults, it was discovered that 16.5% of female pornography consumers reported that they had recently watched pornography involving sex with animals. This corresponded to roughly 10% of the female sample in total, who reported "currently" watching bestiality porn.[10]

In addition, Miletski (2002) reported that 87 percent of males and 100 percent of females who reported any sexual contacts with animals reported dogs as their non-human sexual partner. Further, both Beetz (cited in Beetz 2005) and Williams and Weinberg (2003) reported dogs as the primary sexually used animals.[11]




Emergency room personnel are sometimes the only people to bear witness to the fact that a zoophilic act has occurred[12]


Dogpill Gallery[edit]

There currently exists 0 forum posts about female attraction to incels or male virgins… dogs however…

Secret Language[edit]

Femoids have a special language to describe intimacy with dogs. For example, intercourse with dogs many femoids call, “knotting”. This refers to an Canid phallus containing a “knot” i.e the bulbis glandis at the base, which inflates when the beast is sexually aroused, causing it to become locked or “tied” to a female canid (or female human zoophile) thus ensuring the proper deposition of semen into the vagina.

It has also been maintained by some dogpill theorists that women or girls who have decorated themselves with dog’s paw tattoos are using this as a secret code to communicate their perversions to fellow zoophiles (similar to the “ace of spades” brand used by coalburners.)

If one is perceptive, you can see that they often have this tattoo where a dog would latch on with it’s front paws during intercourse. You decide for yourself the validity of this hypothesis.



Seen by some incels as an attempt at a redditified incel community to "meme"; and as a covert attempt to delegitimise the arguments involuntary celibates have against society at large. See /braincels/.

The idea of a "Dogpill" per se was apparently popularised in the incelosphere by famous hapa troll and author of the redpill comics, Eurasian Tiger , who promoted the concept on and r/incels.

It could be argued that the first dogpill theorist was the Ancient Greek historian Herodotus, who wrote at length in his famous Histories about the supposed penchant of Pharonic Egyptian women for engaging in acts of bestiality with a menagerie of animals, including dogs.

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