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A Chad version of a dog is nicknamed Buster.

The term dogpill suggests people would prefer to have sex with dogs and other members of the family canidae than incels.


There are more internet forum threads with people describing sexual attraction to their own dogs than there are threads discussing attraction towards virgins.

Many breeds of dogs have a much larger sex organ than an average human male, thus making the dogpill concomitant with the dickpill. There is also a large worldwide market for replica dog dildos, with one of the major sites selling these products [1] being the 18,622th most popular site in the United States [2] and 33,328th most popular site worldwide in terms of internet traffic.

A quick Google trends comparison found that there was roughly equivalent search volume for the phrase 'dog dildo' as there was for the search term 'realistic dildo' [3] from 2004 to the present. Disturbingly, one of related queries displayed by google for the search term 'dog dildo' was the term 'large dog breeds'. This could be seen as some evidence that the women who are purchasing these dildos are also interested in practicing 'the real thing', with an actual Canid.


Main article: Omegaverse

The Omegaverse is a popular, literary porn genre among women, which focuses on zoophilic homosexual sodomy. In particular, the 'sexy part' is supposed to be about "alpha males" raping "omega males" with dog penis so as to impregnate the "omega male" through their butt. The genre was invited by a woman named Addison Caine, and has inspired multiple fanfictions.

Dogpill Gallery[edit]

There currently exists 0 forum posts about female attraction to incels or male virgins. But there are quite a few more posts describing attraction to dogs, as seen here:

Secret Language[edit]

People have a special language to describe intimacy with dogs. For example, intercourse with dogs many call, “knotting”. This refers to an Canid phallus containing a “knot” i.e the bulbis glandis at the base, which inflates when the beast is sexually aroused, causing it to become locked or “tied” to a female canid (or female human zoophile) thus ensuring the proper deposition of semen into the vagina.

If one is perceptive, you can see that they often have this tattoo where a dog would latch on with it’s front paws during intercourse. You decide for yourself the validity of this hypothesis.



The dogpill is seen by some incels as an attempt by a redditified incel community to deligitimze the suffering of incels.

The general idea of the dogpill was popularized in the incelosphere by the famous hapa troll and author of, Redpill Comics: Eurasian Tiger. Eurasian promoted the concept on and /r/incels.

It could be argued that the first dogpill theorist was the Ancient Greek historian Herodotus, who wrote at length in his famous Histories about the supposed penchant of Pharonic Egyptian people for engaging in acts of bestiality with a menagerie of animals, including dogs.

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