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Dr. Pizza
Name: Bright, Peter
Birth: unknown
Job: Prisoner/anti-incel
Ethnicity: White

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Dr. Pizza aka Peter Bright is an anti-incel, male feminist, and former /r/IncelTears user[1] who got criminally convicted for attempting to solicit sex from minors. He faces up to 10 years in prison.[2]


He was named Dr. Pizza due to his Twitter handle, “Dr. Pizza”. His Twitter username above his Twitter handle in 2020 is, “Pumpkin Fright”. As of 2020, his Twitter account is still active and features his actual likeness. Images of him were lifted from Twitter by various Reddit incels who tried to use him as “proof” that /r/IncelTears users were pedos with an inferiority complex. Reddit incels also made fun of Peter's Twitter photo by implying he was too feminine, what they call a, soyboy.

Open pedophilia

Anonymous co-workers of Peter stated that his love of children was an open secret in the workplace.[3]

He used to make vague posts on Twitter that hinted at his love of children such as his post, “anime is for pedos”.


As you can see, his Twitter profile also had a pic of a pizza in his Twitter handle. “Pizza” in pedophilia circles is often shorthand for “Cheese Pizza”, which is short for “CP” which is the abbreviation of “Child Pornography”. Yea.


He was indicted in May 2019.[4]

He was involved in an FBI sting, wherein an FBI agent posing as a mother chatted with Bright in an adult chat room called, "KinkD". On the chat, the FBI agent, named, “PrincessMom”, offered sex to her imaginary children. Bright argued to the court that he was merely engaging in ageplay and had no intention on following up on anything he mentioned.

More twitter posts of his included:

Admiring jailbait on the train. rowr
—Peter Bright[5]
I think age-based rape-laws (rather than consent-based) are stupid
—Peter Bright[6]

He was convicted in early 2020, and faces up to 10 years in prison.[7]

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