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The term bicel is a portmanteau word from bisexual and incel. The phrase is also sometimes abbreviated as bincel.

tfw you are attracted to both men and women, but still manage to screw up with both

Within mainstream society, Breadtube and even within many incel communities, the common stereotype of incels is typically straight virgin men who if not detest homosexuality, at least openly dislike it. In actuality this notion is often incorrect.

Bisexuality in the incelosphere is often greatly misunderstood or entirely disregarded on both LGBT+, and incel groups online. Despite that, many incels are bisexuals and often identify as being apart of both communities.

An example is that one of the first incel forums was founded by a bisexual woman. (Although how legitimate her inceldom was is debated by other incels.)


While in theory bicels are less likely to suffer inceldom than straight men, as it is widely understood that bicels could (at least in theory) get into relationships with other bicels, and/or gaycels, the reality is often much more complicated its feasibility varies depending on various different circumstances that can vary widely from the category of bisexuality, from the type of the societal tolerance towards such groups, to the social expectations, and stereotypes by men, women and society, and the openness of said people in the public, to name a few.

Despite that, even if such conditions were perfect, many bicels may still find great hardship that their appeal (such as with heightcelss) may only be seen as actually attractive for the most part to only gay or other bi-males, and (especially for straighter leaning bicels) often find it hard to cope with this reality, or see it as a very bitter pill to swallow. Which may still lead them to identify as incel at least regarding women due to such circumstances.

Alongside this issue, many people who advocate for the redpill ideology have a strong disliking towards homosexuality. Because of this, most bicels are purplepillers. Some also support theories such as the glitterpill, although this is also criticized by other bicels.

Many bicels and pancels often try to fit into social justice and politically correct groups to find acceptance. They often are forced to hide their inceldom under threat of being attacked, canceled, or accused of various misdeeds. They may not even know they suffer from inceldom due to its stereotype of being a “group” of people rather than a condition.


Bicels, like all bisexuals, can be roughly categorized according to how strongly they prefer partners of their own gender or the opposite gender (or are indifferent between the two). In academic sociology, this spectrum is referred to as the Kinsey scale.

The following categorization applies to male bicels. Self-described female bicels such as Alana also exist (see femcel and lesbocel), but they are much less common.

Straight-leaning bicels[edit]

Their consumption of homosexual porn could be less than or equal to their consumption of straight porn, and may often be around incel spaces and straight male-centric pornographic spaces. But they also could hang around female dominated communities and other bisexual communities.

They may often like effeminate and/or girly men. Alternatively, they could like most types of males regardless of style, however find women more attractive. These people are known to consume trans porn, fap to hentai involving cross-dressers, twinks, shotas, or to Yaoi with their focus on the less dominant more feminine “uke” males. They might alternatively prefer to fap to straight hentai which includes male characters alongside the female ones.

In society and the relationship-market however, they often suffer similar problems as straight incels do. And often are seen as just like straight people by many females. While the less strictly straight leaning ones may be at least find some comfort in having a boyfriend, the more straighter leaning ones may see such actions as a last resort and may usually only date femboys or trans people if they are able to.

Females may at first think that if such a person would identify as bisexual, they would be similar to gay males and either try to fetishize them, use them as an accessory, pressure them to get in a relationship with a guy she thinks is hot, etc. however often such people will be disgusted once they realize their interests and types of men as often being entirely feminine and not like their preferred interest, (usually being tough powerful men) due to this, such bicels are likely to be accused of faking their bisexuality, and greatly risk social due to this. Especially if they openly admit to have interest in something like to shotacon (sometimes) or cross dressing characters. Even if they themselves like it, they might attack men who share similar or the exact same kink to justify themselves.

50/50 bicels[edit]

This is often the typical “archetype” of bisexuals of liking both men and women equally, while this is often less common in reality. Such people often are in crossroads between such and could be anywhere in between or overlap with any of the other bi-sexual sub-categories (other than pansexual). Many often have to feel that due to this, they have to live double lives and must fit into the stereotypical standards of both straights and gays and may feel shame for having such attractions. And feel greatly conflicted with their sexuality and their inceldom.

Realistically, they are the most likely to actually fully find enjoyment in things like yaoi due to there both being a masculine & feminine character male to enjoy. Although if they choose to be open about it, gives them significant risk of being targeted by fujoshis.

Gay-leaning bicels[edit]

Usually, even if they are incel, they will often hang around more politically-correct, neoliberal and feminist spaces due to them often being more accepted there. However they greatly risk being harassed and fetishized for their sexuality by (usually) straight (or straight-leaning) women such as yaoi fangirls and fanfiction fans. With only using them as a tool for their own pleasure. Because of this, they often may be seen as purely a friend by women, (usually forcing them in the friendzone) who can be used as an accessory. And may often be upset when they do show interest as women for being unlike them, and being perverted. And possibly risk being accused of faking their gayness to meet with women for sexual pleasure.

Many likely would be turned off by female interpretations of homosexual males such in fanfiction and in Yaoi and how it is targeted to a female audience and poorly depicts actual male characters, and instead would masturbate to things such as Bara (the equivalent of yaoi by men for men) They may often like more masculine men. Although this varies by person frequently.

Typically Straight-Leaning Bicels and Gay-Leaning Bicels often do not engage that much together in incel spaces and often are not attracted to each other due to liking different types of males. Because of this, it may be hard for bicels to cure each other of their inceldom.

Despite this, it probably would not be that life devastating and they could realsitically live their lives in a relatively normal relationship and sexual life in a (at least for the most part) gay lifestyle. They also could probably make actual friends with lesbocels.

Many usually could alternatively identify themselves as gaycels.


While pansexuality technically is its own sexual orientation and not a sub-category of bisexuality, pansexuality is often seen as very similar and often covers similar ground. Because of this, they are similar to 50/50 bisexuals in that they may often overlap between gay-leaning and straight leaning bisexual traits. However, pansexuals often have a much broader interest range for sexual preference, and because of this it could be very possible that pancels can cure their inceldom with most other bicels and also transcels. The only problem is that they still suffer from the same social stigma by women, society and politically correct spaces to hide their inceldom at all costs.

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