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Duck face is a facial expression in which the lips are pressed together to look like a duck's bill. It was mostly used by women for selfies on social media. At some point in the late 2000s, all women decided that ducks must be sexually attractive to men, because something something big lips evopsych.

First wave vs second wave selfies

Along with the MySpace angle, the duckface was part of the first wave of hackneyed shots that preceded the second wave (consisting of the ugly selfie, the mustache shot, the cliché travel destination, the novelty race, blowfish face, and the butterfly pose.)[1]

The "Duckface"
Duckface has directly contributed to the volceldom of many men


Look for girls with lots of angle shots and duckface pictures in their profiles, these are the key to the magic land beast’s photographic illusions.
—The_Dude, Return of Kings[2]


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