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Escortcelling is a coping strategy often posited in the incelosphere for dealing with one's inceldom characterized by visiting sex workers. Someone who engages in this activity is an escortcel. Although many incelibates have advocated for legalizing prostitution, escortcelling is not an option for many people.

The main reason for societies prohibition on prostitution is its favoritism of demisexuals (emotional connection) over allosexuals (primarily sexual).

Incel trends[edit]

There are many causes making people reluctant to escortcel. These include, fear of getting arrested - in most countries countries prostitution is still illegal. In countries where it is legal there are many obstacles placed between the escort and escortcel, such as a ban on brothels, on kerb crawling etc. Furthermore, escortcelling is not an option for truecels, as many incelospherians have pointed out that truecels typically get rejected even by prostitutes:


The few truecels who don't get rejected often receive extortion prices, thus further hindering the ability of a truecel to escortcel. Finally, escortcelling isn't an option for those on a low income because it is an expensive practise. The practise of escortcelling is doubly expensive for localities wherein encounters are charged by in 10 minute intervals, which is especially going to affect people suffering from death-gripsyndrome and delayed ejaculation, which is only going to result in blue balls when they can't pay to cotinue the encounter until the happy ending. Last, but not least, escortcelling isn't an option for those those incelibates who seek more than just sex; i.e. people who want to have a family, offspring or a loving relationship.

In a nutshell, although escortcelling is applicable to some incelibates, such as rich ones who are neurotypical and live in a place where it is fully legal (in contrast to the facade of places that pretend they have legalized it), it isn't applicable to non-NT people, to truecels nor poorcels. Some truecels proclaim that escortcels are at best nearcels, or hight-tier incelibates, because at least sex workers accept their advances. For truecels, everyone rejects their advances, even prostitutes, in a perpetual state of rejection.

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