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Eurasian Tiger was a prolific poster and alt account creator on and, founder of r/hapas (where he also makes alt accounts), and author/drawer of the Redpill Comics (also known as blackpill comics). He is half-asian, hates his parents for being an AFWM couple, lives in a relatives basement, and is a virgin. Did he use PUAhate? Rumor is that he was not the user tyger who bullied Elliot Rodger on

He also made vlogs, always with a mask on for fear of being identified, despite his face being literally everywhere. His channels were terminated by Youtube but other people have re-uploaded some of his videos. It appears he owns, but it is unclear.


There has been a long dramatic long-distance 'romance' between half-Greek female vlogger Persephone Narra and Eurasian Tiger, with Persephone making many, fairly long videos about sexual fetish topics and e-drama (although probably just a love for a green card out of Greece). Many of her videos are clickbait fetish videos. She is quite frankly so annoying it's hard to watch her videos to document this 'relationship'. According to Persephone, Eurasian Tiger was supposed to meet up with her, then he declined making her angry.

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