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Even if you manage to get a girlfriend, she will x

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Even if you manage to get a girlfriend, she will x is an incel meme about how even men who ascend have it rough.


  • If you get a girlfriend she will still whore herself out on social media.[1]
  • Just a reminder that if you get a girlfriend, you can’t act clingy because they hate it.[2]
  • Women always have their eye on someone else. Especially if you’re ugly. So even if you get a girlfriend she’ll dump you anyway.[3]
  • You’re ugly, therefore you’re fucked. Even if you have sex, even if you get a girlfriend, even if you have a child. You’ll never be treated like a real person by society and you will never feel validated.[4]
  • Even if you get a girlfriend, you’re gonna get cucked by your dad.[5]
  • Reminder that even if you get a girlfriend they’ll probably be showing their nude bodies for thousands on the internet.[6]
  • It’s over even if you manage to get a girlfriend, she will send you thousands of messages encouraging you to kill yourself.[7]
  • If you’re an incel and you somehow get a girlfriend, you are going to get cheated on[8]
  • She probably won’t be a supermodel. You’d be lucky to find a looksmatch[9]
  • She will expect you to work every day or do house chores and take care of everyday responsibility. And you may have similar expectations of your partner.
  • She will argue with you sometimes.
  • She will probably cut off the relationship before 3-6 months.
  • She will probably think you’re a clingy, needy creepy overly attached try-hard as a result of years of isolation and inceldom.

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Maybe if you try super hard, you can get an x

“x” being an extremely flawed and only marginally desirable type of female, such that volceldom might be preferable. Examples:

  • “Maybe if you try super hard you can get an ugly roastie with borderline disorder or love addiction or something to use and abuse you.”[10]
  • “You can get a single mother landwhale if you try hard enough.”[11]
  • “If you try hard enough and long enough, some day youll inevitably find some used up hole to fuck.”[12]
  • “If you try hard enough to please her she probably won’t leave you and if she does, find an even older and uglier woman.”[13]
  • “If you try hard enough you might get a 3\10 once in a while.”[14]
  • “I know you’re joking but srsly tho you only need to be a 6/10 and have a social life and you can land a 4-5/10 female if you try hard enough.”[15]
  • “So by that logic maybe if you try really hard you’ll go from incel to low tier normalfag.”[16]

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