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The name of this group is now, "Incel Support", on Facebook, anyone else using the name Incelistan on Facebook rn has nothing to do with this page
A comic depicting former member, "Leo", and his infatuation with his imaginary gf

Facebook’s Incelistan was the only non-anonymous pro-incel forum on the web from late 2017-December 2020. It was a non-violent freemix Facebook group and standalone website for incels and incel allies.

The Facebook group was first created in 2017 by a self-identified volcel named John Doe (name undisclosed), got shut down, and then was re-created from scratch in March 2018 by William, who recruited members of the DC9 Facebook Group, and was handed off to a man named Nicholas. It is the only active pro-incel Facebook group on Facebook’s platform as of 2018-2020. In 2019, it branched into an external forum called Incelistan.net (now Yourenotalone.co) during technical issues on Facebook's platform.

Facebook’s Incelistan was home to many transcels, femcels, and mancels. It was banned again in early 2020, and restarted soon afterward under the name, "Incel Support". It's current home is here.



In 2019, a forum external to Facebook was created called Incelistan.net in case the Facebook experienced technical issues again. Incelistan.net was later renamed yourenotalone.co to distance from the incel label. The external forum eventually became more popular than the original group once the original group got shadow banned from Facebook (ie not viewable in search).

Early History


A forum called, “Incelistan” was first created in 2017 by a self-identified volcel New York hipster named John Doe as a shitposting group to make fun of both incels and “anti-incels”. Most of it’s first users were from Ancapistan, a shitposting group on Facebook that is sort of the Facebook equivalent of 4chan. The forum at this time didn't have a strong opinion on incels but found both pro and “anti-incel” posts funny. After a while the mod team stopped trying to let the group grow or keep material out that could get the group shut down. The group was entirely shut down in March with all members and posts gone back when it was somewhat anti-incel.

It was re-created by John Doe and William in March 2018 as a different forum with mostly DC9 Facebook Group members. William then immediately formed a coup on Alex and the entire mod team in March to make the group pro-incel and to have a moderation style that prevents the group from being shut down again. After William became admin, he modded only incels and turned it into an exclusively pro-incel group which follows Facebook’s terms of service and does not allow posts that violate US law. As mentioned before, the group has been submitted for review by Facebook by at least one “anti-incel” after the group became pro-incel in March 2017, a review which it passed.

Sometime in 2018, a female criminal investigator with terminal illness (of natural causes) was recruited as mod to keep terroristcels off the board.

Hook Ups and couples

In the first half of 2018, “Nicholas”, a gymcel who has been rejected hundreds of time IRL and refunded by an IRL matchmaker, flew to Canada to lose his virginity to user “Ashley”, which was successful. “Ashley” however has trouble with intimacy and did not pursue a close romantic relationship with Nicholas. Around a month later Nicholas became suicidal posting pseudo-suicide-notes on the forum but got through it. He is now a mod of the forum and still gets rejected. It has been widely determined Nicholas is a locationcel as he is a bodybuilder and lives in the middle of nowhere.

It turned out he was indeed a locationcel, as he moved to the other side of the country and found love outside his initial small town almost immediately.

In 2019, there was an actual relationship born from two other members of Incelistan. They eventually got married.

Benefits of Lack of Anonymity

Without anonymity it is easy to tell who is being a fakecel, who is a woman etc.… things that get debated so much in the anon communities that it completely bogs down all discussion.

Shut Down

Not if but when Incelistan gets randomly shut down by someone spamming porn or whatever to get it shut down, multiple people in the group have mass friended the people inside the group, making a duplicate board under another name and about the same amount of members take less than 4 hours. The community will never be taken off Facebook unless hundreds of normie accounts sympathetic to incels get shut down randomly. It is here to stay.

Media Interviews

In late 2018, Mako, Israels largest newspaper interviewed 3 incels under pseudonyms from incelistan here for a long-form piece. Google translate does not accurately translate some of it.

A few podcasts have also interviewed individual members.

In 2019, Gaystarnews.com, the largest LGBTQ site interviewed a few members of the forum here.

BBC three interviewed Matt C. from Facebooks Incelistan but chose screens from incelistan.net. The program aired on BB1.[1]


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