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A fakecel is someone who pretends to be incelibate or who thinks they are on the inceldom spectrum but aren’t. Alternatively, fakecel just means someone who isn’t horrible physically ugly but claims incel status.

Most active incel forums as of 2018 are extremely populated with fakecels, sometimes outing themselves on the forums after they’ve had a bit of fun. Apparently it’s more fun to pretend to be an angry virgin on the internet than to be an angry virgin on the internet.

Often fakecels are also just incelphobics looking to get a forum shut down.

Fakecels on r9k[edit]

There is a widely propagated rumor that discord servers were made by fakecels to coordinate an effort to get robots on r9k to undergo gender transition surgery. They were said to do this by spamming pics of trans porn and telling incels that they could only ascend by transitioning. Because of this rumor, any posting suggesting incels fit in with the LGBT community is met with extreme suspicion as an incelphobic discord syop.

Fakecels on incels.co[edit]

Many fakecel's have been outed or self-outed on incels.co including, but not at all limited to, TellemT, blackletcel, and whogivesafucc.

Fakecels on incelistan[edit]

Because of incelistan’s de-anonymous nature, fakecel’s are identified in five seconds, but are allowed to continue to post.

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