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A femcel is woman experiencing inceldom (involuntary celibacy) or volceldom (voluntary celibacy).

The antonym of femcel is mencel. The culture, norms and hunches that permeate the femcel communities are referred to as femceldom. The most notable femcel in popular culture is probably Rogue, a fictional character from the comic series X-men, whose inceldom is caused by the fact that physical touch produces an involuntary deadly high-voltage jolt, thus preventing relationships with others.

Incel vs volcel women[edit]

A high-standardcel describing her femceldom
Incel Women
Involuntarily celibate women usually have medical issues like vaginismus, terminal illness, are in a sexless relationship, or are in countries with arranged marriages.
With respect to incelbians, they tend to live in conservative, deep red states and can’t find any other lesbians anywhere within their vicinity; and if they do, these lesbians are usually in the closet, and so are out of reach.
Volcel Women
Volcel women voluntarily refrain from sex. Sometimes standardcel women are counted as "volcel" by other incels if their standards are too high, and they are capable of lowering them and still enjoying the relationship.


There are many synonyms or near-synonyms of the term "femcel". These include:


One of the few moments in history wherein femcels outnumbered mencels was 1860s Paraguay, since 90% of the male population was killed in the Paraguayan War. Since the early days of the incelosphere, there has been a controversy between mencels and femcels over inclusiveness in the incelosphere. This sometimes consisted of malecels having a proclivity for suggesting that femcels are standardcels or nearcels. This sentiment is especially the case for truecels who tend to have an exclusive attitude with a tendency towards policing of the term “incel”. However both male nearcels and femcels have unanimously given credence to the inclusion of the following women as genuine incelibates: Christine Chubbuck, Lizzie Velasquez, Grace McDaniels, Mary Ann Bevan and Eman Aty.

Many femcels unable to find partners have turned to a new form of marriage as a coping mechanism called sologamy, wherein one marries themselves.



The closest thing women have had to an incel forum was r/foreveralonewomen. Because of repeated harrassment, the board r/foreveralonewomen was made private. r/femaleincels and its predecessors r/femcels and r/trufemcels is mostly astroturfing by male incels. But as always, with enough astroturfing it will probably eventually be made up of real women.

Further iterations of femcel forums, such as thepinkpill.co, are comprised primarily of black women with radfem sympathies, and a few black male feminist orbiters. It is also very cliquey and not completely sincere.


Pinkpill/femcel chatrooms are also mostly black women bantering about anything other than gender/sex, surrounded by a large amount of black simps trying to impress them with their knowledge or radfem literature.

Older femcels[edit]

Older femcels are called cat ladies, 3S women, and leftover women by various modern societies.

Notable sites[edit]

  • thepinkpill.co



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