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FiveFour, aka FiveFourManlet or TheTruthHurts, is a 5'4" manlet from the UK. He runs a Youtube channel called "TheTruthHurts", which discusses all sorts of issues related to inceldom, height and the heightpill.


FiveFour is known for being a truecel who has a significantly above average face, but has had his height negatively impact his life. He discusses on his Youtube channel extensive experiences with bullying and abuse as a child as a result of his short height. He is very active on Discord and administrates several servers.

Ban from

FiveFour was banned from for claiming he had a highly attractive face on the forums by moderator Knajjd. While his facial attractiveness (often rated around a 7/10) has been confirmed by individuals like FaceandLMS who have met him in person, the moderators of interpretted his posts as bragging and have reaffirmed his ban on the forums.


Aside from running his own Youtube channel, he has been interviewed on FaceandLMS on several occasions.


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