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Shaming things men can’t change is a popular femoid hobby

Femoid (from Latin femina “female” and Ancient Greek εἶδος eidos “appearance”, “shape” → “similar to a female”) is the term for a humanoid being with a female gender. In English, femoid is short for “female humanoid organism.”

The male equivalent of the term is “moid”.


Many incels do not have any positive interactions with women. And so women become “femoids” to them. To these incels, women are creatures that have bullied or ignored them by their entire life. That is, unless the femoid has somehow made (or at least tried to make) money out of them, as a teacher or counselor or hairdresser or wife, etc. … Many downtrodden incels see feminism as the process by which women lie to men that their ever-increasing sexual freedom reaches below rank 8 on the male attractiveness scale. Many incels see modern sexual selection as promoting vicious male competition and toxic masculinity.

Origin of the term “Femoid”

Women were upset that autistic people are autistic (which is not new), and complained about incels were using the scientific term “female” instead of “woman” in incel forums. In response to this, saying that the complaint was silly because you can’t always substitute “woman” with “female,” many incels stopped using the word “female.” And instead of choosing a more neutral word, they chose a more misanthropic term, “femoid,” to make fun about women who hate the word “female” and to make jokes about of their own autism.

For the German-speaking world, it should be noted that this argument took place in English-language forums and that the term does not play a role in German usage.

Perception of the term “Femoid”

Feminists now claim that the term femoid denies women their humanity, devalues women and expresses a hatred of women. In fact, the term femoid describes a negative antidote to real female humans, with whom one can date, have sex, marry, raise a family and have children. With a femoid you can’t do all these things, which is why they are described as “similar to a female”. It is simply not possible to build a relationship with a femoid.

The value of femoids

Femoids are very good at lying very often and not feeling bad about it. They are therefore very good at child-rearing and being lawyers, but a bit more than misleading during dating or while giving dating advice. The easiest and most heroic act of compassion and generosity for females would be to put effort into relationships with incels. However, it is unknown whether or not incel groupies actually exist or can exist due to the lack of natural sexual generosity within the female species. Femoids are also very good at extracting personal wealth from men, when given the freedom to do so. In the United States today, femoids hold more total personal wealth than men.[1]

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