Founding of vaginocapitalist theory

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The formal founding of vaginocapitalist theory occured on December 8th 2018 through a blog post simply titled: "Vaginocapitalism".

The post was made by the Alex Undersky on his ALF VK blog.

Can free access to sex be ensured for all men without enslaving women? It’s a difficult question, we don't have an answer yet
—Alex Undersky

We have reproduced this essay below, which formally describes the theory of Vaginacapitalism, that is, women guarding their vaginas to set the terms of human interaction and leech off men.

First Essay on vaginocapitalism

What are the means of production? This is what allows the capitalists to produce and reproduce capital. Only the capitalists own the means of production, and the proletariat is deprived of this, therefore the proletariat is an exploited class.

But there is one more thing that belongs to only one group – women. Men are completely deprived of this. For men, having a woman is vital and they are ready for any exploitation and servitude, just to get it. Just for sex.

Women control access to sex. The vagina is their main means of production (MMP), with which they can get any capital from literally nothing. Men will give them any money and any means of production just to access to sex. The amount of money, of course, is different, one will pay the whore 500 rubles, and the other – as in the movie “Pretty Woman” – will provide her with money for life, rewrite factories, factories, newspapers and ships on her, and all this is only because women have a womb, but men do not.

Hence, any woman, by default, is a capitalist and exploiter, or, to avoid confusion, we will call them vaginocapitalist, and this entire political and economic system must be called vaginocapitalism, because everything that men do from the age of puberty (11-15 years) they do for the sake of access to sex. They are looking for a high-paying job in order to spend this money whores, sometimes called a, “wife”. It is difficult to name a modern marriage that is not prostitution. Modern marriage is 90% domestic prostitution because as soon as a man loses money, gets sick, etc., his wife leaves him eventually. The statistics are unavoidable: 80–90% of divorces in Russia are from [women]].

All theorists, both Marx and everyone else, ignored this fact. Perhaps because they had wives, and they simply did not see the true state of affairs. Anyone who is enlightened in this regard, who has experienced the whole abyss of pain of a woman betraying him for money, knows the true state of affairs.

Precisely because this fact was not taken into account socialism collapsed in the USSR Socialism was destroyed by women-vaginocapitalists. Socialism cannot exist in parallel with vaginocapitalism. If a man is forced to buy himself access to sex, then this is not socialism. Communism becomes completely impossible. This is vaginocapitalism. The main means of production for women is their vagina.

If we want to build communism, we must destroy all private ownership of the means of production, and it is especially necessary to emphasize – on the vaginas. It is necessary to provide free access to sex for all men, not only for the rich and beautiful, as it is now, but for all …

This is communism. How to do it?

Can free access to sex be ensured for all men without enslaving and socializing women? It's a difficult question, we don't have an answer yet.

But the following is a fact: men themselves are not ready to socialize women and will fight against it, because they do not understand that they are now slaves. Feminists and leftists will oppose this, we understand that very well. Society has long become vaginocentric. Men live for women, or rather for access to sex, they are blinded. Only a few were able to see the light and break out of this vicious circle. Now our task is to show the truth to the rest: men are slaves of women, we must find freedom, and true freedom is possible only after access to sex becomes free for all men.

This page borrows from one of Alex Undersky’s blogs, and has been reproduced with explicit permission. Borrowed material has been altered.

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