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Friday night LDAR poem by AbuIncelAlAustrali

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The following is a poem by braincels user AbuIncelAlAustrali


It's Friday today, the weekend is near

Meanwhile Chad got out early, he's on his fifth beer

You're excited to get home so that you can relax,

As for Chad, he made sure Stacy cleared her bowels out with ex-lax

For tonight you see, Chad's fucking her rectum

She likes fifty shades, so he'll donkey punch her head when he's ready to cum

Stacy's hole might get torn, she might bleed for a week

A price she's willing to pay, to fuck a Chad at his peak

All of this time you'll be fapping alone

Laying in bed on your last generation smartphone

You might get to see a camwhore flash you her tits

But you'll never get to make Stacy sore where she shits

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