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German incelosphere

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A popular German incel blog called:
Der lange Weg zum ersten Mal

The German incelosphere is the subset of the incelosphere wherein the primary language that is spoken is German. The main distinction between the English incelosphere and the German incelosphere is that the German one tends to be whitepilled or purplepilled. The German incelosphere is dominated by members of the aybee community. Pretty much the entire German incelosphere has been influenced largely by AB’s, to the point where the terms “German incelosphere” and “AB” are more or less interchangeable.

The German incelosphere is interesting because due to its distinct language, it was mostly insulated from the effects of the effects of the English incelosphere’s gatecrashing with meme culture, the manosphere and other factors that made inceldom morph from a social phenomenon or condition into a what looked like a subculture. As such, the German incelosphere is an interesting case study that displays what the English incelosphere would probably have looked like in a different timeline, if 4chan or other nefarious characters hadn’t interloped.