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Miss Universe 2018

A gigastacy is a woman who is a 10 out of 10 on the decile scale. She will never experience what inceldom is like. Speaking to a gigastacy about inceldom is the equivalent of speaking about quantum physics to a person who is severely mentally impaired. The subreddit r/goddesses is filled to the brim with photos of gigastacies.[1]

When low-tier normies and incels get a promotion, its usually because of merit, capability and competence. On the other hand, when a gigastacy gets ahead, or gets a pay rise, or promotion, it is often solely due to her looks. The male equivalent of a gigastacy is a gigachad.


There are also subcategories of gigastacies. As such the ultimate gigastacies in each of these fields is:

  • Sport: Winifer Fernandez, (runner-up) Leryn Franco (consolation) Michelle Jenneke
  • Music: Ariana Grande (runner-up) Im Jin-ah (consolation) Nandi Madida
  • Models: Liza Soberano (runner-up) Jawahir Ahmed, (consolation) Mahlagha Jaberi
  • Acting: Jessica Alba, (runner-up) Lin Yun (consolation) Fahriye Evcen


Some of her characteristics include: still looking stunning, even without fakeup, having an hour-glass figure, missile-like breasts, her pussy feels like she's done kegeling her whole life, has a high-metabolism, doesn't milkmire quick, full hair composition, she has a naturally arched back as her natural standing position, she has full thick lips, she is feminine, her voice isn't too loud, she has some semblance of shyness but isn't a social repellent, has a flat belly, and clear skin. Most gigastacies are well aware of their good looks. Some react with indifference but for others, the constant validation has made them vain. In extreme situations, this has led to sociopathic tendencies, as is the case with Natasha Aponte, who eventually sought to set some sort of catfishing record after luring hundreds of guys, later to tell them they're in a competition instead of a date.[2]

Types of mogging[edit]

Unlike Stacies, who may only mog other women via a single or couple of superior features, gigastacies usually mog other women in a variety of ways. As such, she may facemog other women, like Thylane Blondeau; she may voicemog other women, like successful female ASMRtists; she typically also skinmogs other women, as she has never experienced acne, even during puberty; she's also likely to breastmog other women when wearing a bikini or swimsuit; finally, she also probably buttmogs other women, as Jennifer Lopez was widely known for doing.


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