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Good Looking Loser

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Good Looking Loser
By including this person, we are not implying they are incel or are in any way associated with incels.
Real Name: Deoudes, Christopher
Alias: Good Looking Loser, GLL
Date of Birth: September 24, 1982
Height: 6'1" [citation needed]

Christopher Deoudes, also known as Good Looking Loser (abbreviated GLL), is the founder of the PUA site Good Looking Loser. Born as half-white and half-Japanese, Chris has lived in Los Angelos to observe the PUA companies there, some of which he is critical about. GLL is more of an outcast among the more “mainstream” PUA’s. Unlike many other PUA’s, GLL believes that looks are important in dating,[1] though he asserts social status also plays a large part.

GLL’s approach emphasizes improving both looks and social status. High social status is demonstrated through wearing fashionable clothing, being popular and demonstrating high status in conversations. His fashion recommendations include stylish clothing and shoes, tattoos, piercings, necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses and other accessories. A third factor emphasized is social courage.

Height: 6’1[2] or 6’2.4 (self-reported).[3]


Many of GLL’s concepts are similar to PuaHate/SlutHate’s; they are just worded differently. Don’t be fooled.

General Term PuaHate/SlutHate Term GLL Term PUA Term
social status social status social status / coolness / swag factor social value
social skills social skills / neurotypical social skills social skills / social calibration
courage low inhibition social freedom / killer instinct courage
confidence confidence confidence / sense of entitlement confidence
8/10 6/10 8/10 HB 8/10
successful male slayer / 8+ cool guy / douchebag / hot guy / edgy guy player / alpha
unsuccessful male incel / sub-5 uncool / normal guy / loser / nice guy AFC / beta / nice guy / creep
racial minority ethnic / ethnik minority

45% of GLL’s visitors are virgins[edit]

During July-August 2014, GLL conducted a poll which revealed that 45% of the site’s visitors are virgins. Inexperienced men are more gullible to PUA scams.


Nutrition advice[edit]

GLL advocates a “low-carb” diet for fat loss. But guess what? The only thing that helped with his “fat loss” was the BCAA supplement.[4] Without the BCAA supplement, he cannot lose fat without also losing muscle! This discredits all of the site's fat-loss advice.



GLL uses the words "cool", "status" and "edgy" almost interchangeably. Part of the reason is that GLL’s female friends usually use "cool" and "edgy" when discussing about men.

However, "cool" and "edgy" are vague and may be confusing to some. You could replace "edgy" with "cool" or "high-status" anywhere on the GLL site and its meaning will almost remain the same. For example, in this article, it has the following headings:

  • "Edgy guys are cooler."
  • "Edgy guys are more fun."
  • "Edgy guys are more of a challenge."
  • "Edgy guys are mysterious."
  • "Edgy guys can 'keep it real'."
  • "Edgy guys are more confident."
  • "Edgy guys are more masculine."
  • "Edgy guys are better in bed."

If you replace "edgy" with "high status" in that article, their meanings will almost remain the same.

  • "High-status guys are cooler." – High-status guys are on the top of the social hierarchy. They must be approved by everyone in order for them reach and maintain that status. As a result, they are more likable.
  • "High-status guys are more fun." – High-status guys are rule-makers rather than rule-followers so they don’t follow traditional dating methods like dinner-dates. Their dates are therefore less formal and more fun.
  • "High-status guys are more of a challenge." – Women are attracted to high-status guys, creating more competition.
  • "High-status guys are mysterious." – High-status guys can afford not to be nice. Low-status guys are always nice only because they are obligated to be nice. So any act of kindness from a high-status guy is more likely genuine.
  • "High-status guys can 'keep it real'." – High-status guys have no fear of standing out.
  • "High-status guys are more confident." – That’s generally true for high-status people.
  • "High-status guys are more masculine." – High-status guys are in charge so they can give out orders.
  • "High-status guys are better in bed." – Women are attracted to status so high status guys get more sex, and in turn, they have more experience in bed. "Edgy" guys know that women like "bad boys"; hence they dress like bad boys and probably act like them too.


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