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Good boy points

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Good boy points are an alternative to central-bank-points, and are usually given by mommies or, “mommy girlfriends”. Usually after enough chores are completed, such as washing the dishes, the dependent will receive, “good boy”, marks on a sheet of paper, or a mental IOU in his caretakers head.

The femcel equivalent is pretty princess points.

Market value of good boy points[edit]

Good boy points cannot buy most consumer goods, as the only people aware of the points, again are the mommies or the mommy girlfriends. They can however purchase your Mom going out to buy food such as chicken nuggets, commonly abbreviated as, “tendies”.

Conversion rate[edit]

Good boy points aren’t at this moment officially exchanged on any traditional Forex or stock exchange platforms. One reason for this is the value of each point is decided by each household unit, and therefore societal agreement over the exchange rate pretty much nonexistent. Although the following is not unusual:

1 good-boy-point = 1 instance of chores

Rough conversion estimate[edit]

Although usually the following is true about good boy points:

Wash dishes and clean up room and mop and sweep = Not getting kicked out
Making something for parents’ birthday = Trips to favorite stores and selection of a wider variety of food

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