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Good boy points are an alternative to central-bank-points, and are usually given by mommies or, “mommy girlfriends”. Usually after enough chores are completed, such as washing the dishes, the dependent will receive, “good boy”, marks on a sheet of paper, or a mental IOU in his caretakers head.

The femcel equivalent is pretty princess points.

Market value of good boy points

Good boy points cannot buy most consumer goods, as the only people aware of the points, again are the mommies or the mommy girlfriends. They can however purchase your Mom going out to buy food such as chicken nuggets, commonly abbreviated as, “tendies”.

Conversion rate

Good boy points aren’t at this moment officially exchanged on any traditional Forex or stock exchange platforms. One reason for this is the value of each point is decided by each household unit, and therefore societal agreement over the exchange rate pretty much nonexistent. Although the following is not unusual:

1 good-boy-point = 1 instance of chores

Rough conversion estimate

Although usually the following is true about good boy points:

Wash dishes and clean up room and mop and sweep = Not getting kicked out
Making something for parents birthday = Trips to favorite stores and selection of a wider variety of food

See also

A system of points used by mothers for their little boys. The boy can save up good boy points to buy “chicken tendies”. The mother can ask sexual favors for good boy points.
I have 30 good boy points. Each chicken tendie costs 6 good boy points. I can afford 5 chicken tendies. I need 10 to be satisfied. I beg mommy for more good boy points. She pulls up her skirt and says that if I can please mommy I will get 10 chicken remedies for free. I don’t really like girl tinkle parts but I lick anyway. 10 minutes later mommy says that I did a good job. She says that if I play with her milk bags I will get barbeque sauce for free. I played and played and mommy gave me barbeque sauce. Now I have the chicken tendies to satisfy myself.

This is why you don’t try to explain memes to people
Man who explains “Good Boy Points” to girlfriend now has to earn them

Memes aren’t always easy to explain. They’re usually a reference to a thing that is itself a reference to another thing, or even two different things. If you explain a meme to someone they’re never going to laugh—the best you can hope for is a resigned “oh.”

The worst outcome happened to this guy, who tried to explain “Good Boy Points” to his girlfriend after he sent her this image:

And, as Reddit user BeforeTheRobots explains, his life will never be the same.

Good boy points (or GBP) is a chan meme. It comes from a greentext story in which a manchild who lives with his “mummy” does chores in exchange for “good boy points”, which he uses to buy “chicken tendies.” It’s just as creepy and weird as it sounds.
Anyway, a few weeks ago I sent my girlfriend this meme about GBP. I made her dinner that night, and she told me in all seriousness “okay, you’ve earned 500 GBP.” I thought, fine, she’s making a joke. But no. She has legitimately been keeping tabs on my GBP each day. I took out the trash, so I earned GBP. I got a backrub, so I spent GBP. This is what my life has become. I have 1550 GBP right now. Holy shit. This is driving me batshit insane. I’m getting some tendies tomorrow though.

Of course everyone’s first question was “how much does she charge for sex?” Apparently, that’s not an option.

She seems to make up the rules as she goes but it’s basically about how much effort goes into it. So kisses are free, and she doesn’t charge for sex. Not sure if that’s a commentary on how much effort I put into it but there you go.

Chances are this woman is just messing with her boyfriend, and laughing her ass off with her friends when he’s not around. In which case we award her 1,000 Pretty Princess Points.

- David Britton[2]



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